\ Jensen's Scholars' Guide to Humanities & Social Sciences: , Political Science, Religious history Sociology, Area Studies; ; demography religion on-line books October 2009


October 2009
Richard Jensen
Jensen is a scholar with many books and articles; he has been a professor of history for over 40 years at several schools, including the University of Illinois, Harvard, Michigan, West Point, and Moscow State University. He is now Research Professor of History at Montana State University--Billings, Montana. Write him at rjensen@uic.edu

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  1. Search the WWW
    1. GOOGLE recommended as best of the search engines; caches items that others have been erased; Google-scholar searches content and footnotes of scholarly articles;
    2. searches for images
    3. Google Print search and read full text of many books
    4. America: History and Life Abstracts of 400,000+ history articles from ABC-CLIO; 1950-present; campus subscription required via EBSCO (check with Librarian) recommended some of the journals are available online in JSTOR or Project MUSE
    5. Historical Abstracts Abstracts of 400,000+ history articles from ABC-CLIO; campus subscription required via EBSCO (check with Librarian) recommended some of the journals are available online in JSTOR or Project MUSE
    6. JSTOR complete text online of all articles; also includes major journals in political science, economics, demography; free access if your school subscribes. List of JSTOR schools
      recommended recent issues of these journals are online at History Cooperative American Historical Review; Journal of American History; History Teacher; Law and History Review; Western Historical Quarterly; William and Mary Quarterly etc etc
    7. OpinionArchives free search of abstracts of articles & editorials in major journals of opinion over last 100+ years
    8. Dissertations International search last two years of PhD dissertation abstracts; option to purchase for $32 each; backlist available through campus library
    9. Search major newspaper archives from Google. recommended
    10. Time Magazine archives 1923-2006 complete text; searchable recomended
    11. Guide to citing WWW sources
    12. Encyclopedia Britannica complete text of monumental 11th edition (1910); excellent source for all topics as of that date; recommended
    13. Voice of the Shuttle Large guide to humanities resources, from Alan Liu, UC Santa Barbara
    14. H-Net 140 scholarly discussion lists in humanities and social sciences;
      searchable logs; H-Net now has over 170,000 subscribers
    15. H-Net web pages

  2. Area/Ethnic Studies
    1. History of Nations brief histories all nations
    2. Postcolonial studies
    3. Africa
    4. African Studies Assoc from U Pennsylvania
    5. 'A-Z of African Studies
    6. Teaching about Africa
    7. Africa south of the Sahara from Stanford
    8. Timeline and links
    9. colonial atlas
    10. American
    11. Theory & Method in American/cultural studies by T. V. Reed; good guide to scholarship Studies from Georgetown U. Crossroads Project
    12. Asia
    13. Regional
    14. Syllabi in East Asian Studies
    15. Asian studies from Coombs@Australian National University
    16. Digital Asia comprehensive collection of links
    17. Asian History links
    18. East Asian Language and Thought strong on religion
    19. Afghanpedia encyclopedia of Afghanistan
    20. Afghanistan On-Line
    21. China
    22. WWW-VL Guide from Heidelberg U.
    23. Timelines
    24. Classical Historiography by Benjamin Elman recommended
    25. History from U California-- San Diego
    26. The Civilization of China popular study by scholar Herbert A. Giles (1911)
    27. Ancient China
    28. India and South Asia
    29. Timeline
    30. Virtual Library: South Asia: Sarai
    31. Pakistan WWW-VL
    32. Bangladesh WWW-VL
    33. Tibet WWW-VL
    34. India: A Country Study long encyclopedia article from Library of Congress
    35. Digital Buddhist Library and Museum
    36. Maps
    37. Bibliography
    38. Iraq
    39. Iraq War 2003-
    40. Post Invasion Iraq
    41. Iraq Insurgency
    42. Japan
    43. JGUIDE to Japan from Stanford University US-Japan Technology Management Center recommended
    44. Timelines
    45. History of Japan by Stefan Schauwecker; in English and German
    46. Samurai Archives on medieval military history and culture; many maps
    47. Maps: 16c
    48. Japanese studies, K-12
    49. Korean History project
    50. History of the Philippine Islands By Dr. Antonio de Morga (1907)
    51. Australian Studies Network
    52. A Short History of Australia by Ernst Scott (1916)
    53. Canada
    54. Canadian Encyclopedia excellent starting point
    55. Canadian Studies: A Guide to the Sources recommended
    56. Canadian history websites
    57. O Canada basic information
    58. Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online. excellent scholarly biographies of Canadians who died before 1921. Recommended
    59. Historical Statistics of Canada (1983) spreadsheet format recommended
    60. Statistics Canada current data
    61. ''Canada Year Book'' annual volumes since 1867, can be downloaded in PDF
    62. ''Canada Year Book'' historical topics in statistics
    63. Quebec history recommended short scholarly essays
    64. links esp bibliographies
    65. culture
    66. Digital Library
    67. Early Canadiana Online 1.3 million pages
    68. Key constitutional documents annotated
    69. Mackenzie King Diaries complete text of major source for 20c political history
    70. Canadian Encyclopedia standard reference
    71. Historical Atlas of Canada projects
    72. Quebec by Claude Bélanger
    73. Manitoba primary texts, biographies, photos
    74. Saskatchewan history original newspaper stories
    75. http://esask.uregina.ca/about_encyclopedia.html (2007), recommended
    76. Alberta Encyclopedia
    77. Eastern Europe
    78. SSEES East Europe and Slavonic Studies
    79. Russia & East Europe from U. of Pittsburgh
    80. Russian Studies excellent links, from Hokkaido University
    81. Russian history & culture from Bucknell U. recommended
    82. Russian military history esp pre 1815 1880 biog by Schuyler
    83. Serbia
    84. Western Europe
    85. politics--links 1963
    86. British history mostly pre 1500
    87. Election 2005 from BBC
    88. French Revolution recommended from George Mason U.
    89. French culture, HAPAX
    90. Documents & primary sources
    91. German History 1879-1945 online text by Colby College professor
    92. German colonial atlas
    93. Irish Studies
    94. Latin America
    95. Latin American Studies from U Texas
    96. Latin American History links from U Texas
    97. William R. Shepherd, The Hispanic Nations of the New World (1919) full text of short book by leading scholar
    98. United States and Brazil : Expanding Frontiers, Comparing Cultures recommended
    99. Un Debate Histórico Inconcluso en la América Latina (1600-2000) An Inconclusive Historical Debate in Latin America (1600-2000). Four centuries of Struggle in the Peruvian and River Plate Colonial Space and in Modern and Contemporary Argentina, by Eduardo R. Saguier
    100. Puerto Rico documents from late 19c and early 20c, from Library of Congress
    101. Middle East
    102. Links
    103. Middle EastGenWeb Project designed for genealogists, but many uses
    104. syllabus, maps by David Yaghoubian
    105. Middle East from U Texas
    106. Ancient Near East important archaeology reports from U Chicago Library
    107. Islam
    108. Islam 101 basics
    109. A Dictionary Of Islam: Being A Cyclopaedia Of The Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies, and Customs, Together with the Technical and Theological Terms, Of The Muhammadan Religion by Thomas Patrick Hughes (1896)
    110. Islam: Empire of Faith from PBS
    111. Islamic world
    112. Islamic religion
    113. early Islamic Studies
    114. Life of Mahomet classic 1861 biography by William Muir
    115. The Caliphate (1924 edition) classic history by William Muir
    116. The Origin Of Islam In Its Christian Environment (1925) By Richard Bell
    117. Judaism And Islam by Abraham Geiger (1896)
    118. Koran older studies by western scholars
    119. scholarly essays on roots of 9-11 recommended

  3. Demography, Sociology, Ethnicity
    1. Sociology Links from McMaster U.
    2. Sociology SocioSite links from U Amsterdam
    3. World Population Links by Richard Jensen recommended
    4. Demography & Population Studies The Internet Guide to Demography and Population Studies from Australia recommended
    5. Sociology Timeline from 1600 key dates & texts by Ed Stephan
    6. US Census
    7. Current data
    8. US Census: includes ICPSR census data on all counties, 1790-1970
    9. US Census reports current data on many topics recommended
    10. Race & Ethnicity Statistics US social & economic data, 1950-1995
    11. US Census of 1850 complete text
    12. Demographic resources an excellent guide from Coombs project in Australia
    13. Demographic statistics OPR at Princeton, with historic data
    14. Population Index abstracts of articles, 1986-1999, searchable and browsable
    15. Essex Social Science Data Archives Leading British data archive, with much historical data
    16. comprehensive guide to social science data archives from UC San Diego
    17. Geographical resources links from Western Connecticut U.
    18. American Ethnic Geography
    19. General Social Survey Annual poll of USA; superb guide to social science citations & abstracts of all studies that used this major data base. The complete GSS can even be downloaded
    20. online crosstabs of survey data from GSS and other great databases, from UC-Berkeley
    21. Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
    22. International population data
    23. Social, Economic and Political Change sophisticated review of sociological theories, with good links
    24. African-American
    25. CIS History Universe: Access to African American Studies online access to short scholarly articles; check with campus Library
    26. African-American Mosaic Library of Congress collections, texts & photos
    27. Af-Am history in photos from Arkansas
    28. African American Perspectives 19c pamphlets from Library of Congress
    29. A-A newspapers 19th century
    30. Afro-American autobiography 10 curriculum units
    31. History of race by leading historian Eric Foner
    32. Jim Crow
    33. racial stereotypes from Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University
    34. essays
    35. Slavery
    36. Encyclopedia of Slavery in American South recommended
    37. curriculum unit focus on New York state
    38. timeline and history with links
    39. Wahl, Jenny B.. "Slavery in the United States." EH.Net Encyclopedia economic history
    40. America's Journey Through Slavery from PBS; recommended
    41. Slave Narratives from U. of North Carolina
    42. Slavery in British America and United States historiography from Dade County schools
    43. Slaves & the courts, 1740-1860 100 books & pamphlets from Library of Congress
    44. Emancipation & Freedmen
    45. Freedom Project documents on Emancipation from 1860s
    46. Harper's Weekly original reports on Black America, 1857-1874
    47. "First Plans for Emancipation," by Nicolay and Hay (1889):
    48. "Emancipation Announced," by Nicolay and Hay (1889)
    49. "The Edicts of Freedom," by Nicolay and Hay (1889)
    50. "The XIIIth Amendment, by Nicolay and Hay (1889)
    51. Booker T Washington & His era
    52. Booker T Washington Era major site from Library of Congress
    53. Booker T Washington Papers complete text of major multivolume collection; searchable; recommended
    54. Up From Slavery BTW's famous autobiography
    55. W.E.B. DuBois
    56. bio
    57. Ohio documents
    58. religious conditions among Negroes from standard 1908 Protestant encyclopedia
    59. Ulysses Lee, The Employment of Negro Troops (1963), excellent official US Army history of WW2; full text recommended
    60. Post WW2
    61. Martin Luther King project  at Stanford
    62. Papers of MLK complete texts (through 1958) recommended
    63. civil rights links
    64. The Brown Decision, 1954 curriculum unit by Henry A. Rhodes
    65. Invisible Man novel by Ralph Ellison
    66. American Indians
    67. American Indian Resources by Will Karkavelas
    68. Plains Indians historical documents, ethnological reports recommended
    69. articles by James Mooney excellent articles on major tribes by leading ethnoilogist, in Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913 recommended
    70. Chinese in America scholarly book
    71. Germans
    72. settlement in Wisconsin
      origins of Wisconsin settlers
    73. Intimate letters of Carl Schurz, 1841-1869
    74. German-Americans in Indianapolis: 1840-1918
    75. Hispanic
    76. Hispanic Heritage
    77. A History of the Mexican-American People by Julian Samora and Patricia Vandel Simon (1977); standard text
    78. Hispanics in US links
    79. Irish
    80. Irish diaspora (1910)
    81. Irish in America PBS
    82. Irish emigration to the United States: what it has been, and what it is. 1873 tract to get irish to move to farms
    83. Molly Maguires terror in the coal fields
    84. Irish
    85. "No Irish Need Apply: A Myth of Victimization" scholarly article by Richard Jensen
    86. Irish in 19c cities scholarly article by Patricia Kelleher
    87. Italians in USA (1910)
    88. Poles in USA (1911)
    89. Slavs in America (1912)
    90. Jews
    91. Jewish Encyclopedia major 1906 reference with 15,000 articles; recommended; strong on most aspects, esp. geography
    92. Internet Jewish History Sourcebook many ancient & modern documents; well-edited by Paul Halsall recommended
    93. Jewish Virtual Library
    94. World Jewish Congress
    95. Jews in Europe early 20c
    96. Antisemitism bibliography
    97. Antisemitism brief history (19c Europe)
    98. Dreyfus Case France 1900
    99. Holocaust teaching resources recommended
    100. Holocaust research from Museum of Tolerance
    101. Migration & Ethnicity
    102. links from H-ETHNIC
    103. Ethnicity, migration EDCOMER - the European Documentation Centre and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations
    104. Race & Ethnicity Statistics US social & economic data, 1950-1997
    105. American Ethnic Geography

  4. Economics and Business History
    1. Resources for Economists on the Internet edited by Bill Goff recommended good starting point
    2. EH Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History excellent scholarly essays
    3. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics excellent scholarly essays
    4. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE) libertarian
    5. economics--schools of thought recommended
    6. Business History
    7. Business history links; world perpective recommended
    8. general guide to resources in business history
    9. American Economic History brief textbook
    10. Business history from Ohio State
    11. Business History large corporations with some historical materials on their website
    12. Labour & Business History esp useful for Marxist links, from The World Wide Web Virtual Library
    13. "Historiography of Business History" useful paper by undergraduate Daryl Williams
    14. "How Much Is That Worth Today?" current & constant dollars & pounds, 1600 to 2000
    15. "Putting 'Capitalism' in Its Place: A Review of Recent Literature," by Michael Merrill in William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 52, No. 2. (Apr., 1995), pp. 315-326. in JSTOR. Historiography of pre-1840 America
    16. Industrial Revolution
    17. Industrial Revolution from Wikipedia
    18. An Introduction to the Industrial History of England By Abbott Payson Usher (1920) recommended
    19. Mining books
    20. Industrial Revolution: France
    21. Lalor ed, The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States (1881) recommended reference book
    22. Labor
    23. "An Historical Sketch of the Knights of Labor" scholarly article by Carroll D. Wright The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 1, No. 2. (Jan., 1887), pp. 137-168. from JSTOR
    24. lumberjacks 1893
    25. machinists, 1893
    26. sailors 1893
    27. "The Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers," by Carroll D. Wright The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 7, No. 4. (Jul., 1893), pp. 400-432. JSTOR
    28. Chandler, Alfred. The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business (1977) the most influential single book in business history; online through ACLS History E-Book
    29. "The Beginnings of "Big Business" in American Industry" by Alfred DuPont Chandler pp 62ff
    30. short review by David Landes
    31. Richard John, "Elaborations, Revisions, Dissents: Alfred D. Chandler's The Visible Hand After Twenty Years" Business History Review, (1997) Vol.71 #2 p.151-200 recommended
    32. Big Business and the Wealth of Nations (1997) review
    33. Railroads
    34. Jensen's Guide to Railroad History recommended links
    35. John Moody, The Railroad Builders: A Chronicle of the Welding of the States (1919) very good, short book by scholar
    36. links to online resources re specific US roads
    37. Cornelius Vanderbilt & eastern roads
    38. British Railroads from Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia
    39. France
    40. Invention
    41. Holland Thompson The Age of Invention (1920) full text of semipopular, short book by a scholar
    42. Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin, Edison, His Life and Inventions (1910) full text biography
    43. Thomas A. Edison Papers
    44. "Development of Large-Scale Organization: Electrical Manufacturing Around 1900" by Harold C. Passer, The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 12 #4. (Autumn, 1952), pp. 378-395. JSTOR
    45. History of computers the MouseSite
    46. Entrepreneurs or Robber Barons?
    47. "Entrepreneurial Leadership Among the "Robber Barons": A Trial Balance," by Chester McArthur Destler, The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 6, Supplement: (May, 1946), pp. 28-49. JSTOR
    48. "American Historians and the Business Elite" by William Miller The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 9, No. 2. (Nov., 1949), pp. 184-208. JSTOR
    49. "The American Business Elite: A Collective Portrait, by C. Wright Mills The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 5, Supplement: (Dec., 1945), pp. 20-44. JSTOR
    50. Burton J. Hendrick, The Age of Big Business (1920) full text history by scholar
    51. "Jackson, Biddle, and the Bank of the United States," by Bray Hammond The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 7, No. 1. (May, 1947), pp. 1-23. JSTOR
    52. Andrew Carnegie, Steel & Philanthropy
    53. Carnegie as entrepreneur recommended
    54. Bio from PBS transcript of program; original documents; teacher's guide
    55. links
    56. Carnegie Libraries
    57. Andrew Carnegie's essays
    58. industrial history of Pittsburgh
    59. John D Rockefeller & Standard Oil
    60. Rockefellers by PBS transcript of program; original documents; teacher's guide
    61. Tarbell, History of Standard Oil complete text of influential 1904 Muckraking expose
    62. Development of Large-Scale Organization: The Standard Oil Company" (Exxon) by Ralph W. Hidy, in The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 12, (1952), pp. 411-424. JSTOR
    63. Timeline and bibliography world oil history
    64. 19c advertising from Harper's Weekly
    65. Archive of Classic Print Ads
    66. "Trusts and Public Policy," by Charles J. Bullock (1901)
    67. US Industry, 1900-1930
    68. Auto Industry, 1920s
    69. Enron, 2002
    70. Labor
    71. Samuel P. Orth The Armies of Labor (1920) full text of semipopular short book by scholar
    72. "The Organization of Labor" 1882 essay by T. V. Powderly, head of Knights of Labor
    73. Homestead Strike by PBS
    74. "The Homestead Strike. I. A Congressional View" 1892 article by William C. Oates
    75. Fredeick Winslow Taylor & efficiency movement
    76. Canadian labour history
    77. Economic History
    78. JSTOR: Journal of Economic History 1941-2000
    79. Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (2005)
    80. Abstracts in Economic History from Cliometrics Society
    81. EH.net Encyclopedia of Business & Economic History new scholarly essays
    82. Book Reviews from EH.net recommended
    83. Lalor ed, The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States (1881) solid old reference book
    84. US economic change 1900 to 1930
    85. NBER Macro-Economic History Database
    86. 20c Record of Inequality and Poverty in the US 1998 paper by Robert D. Plotnick, Eugene Smolensky et al. recommended
    87. The Environment in American History
    88. Economic Thought
    89. Economics annotated guide to resources, from Georgetown
    90. Archive of Economic Thought texts of major and minor economists; from McMaster U. recommended
    91. Alfred Marshall's Principles of Economics complete 1903 edition
    92. Thorstein Veblen books and essays
    93. Social, Economic and Political Change sophisticated review of sociological theories, with good links
    94. Economic Data
    95. State of Economy current data & charts
    96. Statistical Abstract of the US best starting place for current US demographic, economic & social data; also back volumes from 1878
    97. Historical Statistics of the U.S.: Colonial Times to 1970 best resource for historical data; in PDF format
    98. Budget & Report of Council of Economic Advisors macroeconomic data for US
    99. Statistical abstracts for US states
    100. Essex Social Science Data Archives Leading British data archive, with much historical data

  5. Education
    1. college & university web pages worldwide
    2. Videos and cd-roms many subject areas
    3. college classes on WWW from World Lecture Hall, U of Texas
    4. Graduate students Only
    5. Education World omnibus site for K-12
    6. Education statistics USA
    7. WEB66 using Internet in K-12; from U Minnesota Ed School
    8. Sociology of distance education
    9. History of Education
    10. [ Syllabus and bibliography on history of American Education, by Carl Kaestle (2005)
    11. short 1918 scholarly history of education in US
    12. Richard Hofstadter and C. Dewitt Hardy, eds; The Development and Scope of Higher Education in the United States'' (1952) [ online edition]
    13. Knight, Edgar W. and Clifton L. Hall, eds. Readings in American Educational History (1951) recomended
    14. The History Of Education: Educational Practice And Progress Considered As A Phase Of The Development And Spread Of Western Civilization By Ellwood P. Cubberley (1920) full scale history
    15. Bibliography of American educational history by leading scholar Jurgen Herbst
    16. School Master 1894
    17. child labor cartoons, books, photos from Progressive Era
    18. child labor Hine photographs

  6. History: General
    1. The Encyclopedia of World History Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Sixth Edition (2001) recomended
    2. General Links
    3. WWW Virtual Library Lynn Nelson's excellent guide to 2500 links.
    4. World History links
    5. World History links
    6. Hyperhistory timeline and maps
    7. Military history 1000 annotated links, by Richard Jensen recommended
    8. Armed Conflict Events Data very good encyclopedic coverage 1800-2000
    9. Historical Atlas of 20c clever thematic maps
    10. The decline of the West by Oswald Spengler (1922) famous pessimistic interpretation of history
    11. Original Texts
    12. Historical texts and documents, a very ambitious approach at Hanover College [Indiana] to putting translated documents and secondary works on-line for undergraduate history classes
    13. Historical Text Archive equally ambitious; worldwide, esp Latin America, from Mississippi State U., By Donald Mabry
    14. Avalon Project large collection of primary documents on international affairs, 16c to 20c, from Yale.
    15. Foreign Policy Documents and commentary from Mt Holyoke
    16. Great Speeches in World History strong on Britain, Ireland, USA
    17. Australian books
    18. Articles:
    19. The History Net full text of articles from popular history magazines
    20. History Today good semipopular articles & book reviews
    21. The Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas edited by Philip P. Wiener (MY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973-74) 5 vol. recommended
    22. Ancient History
    23. Links
    24. Bryn Mawr Classical Review scholarly book reviews
    25. exploring ancient cultures
    26. Egypt scholarly essays
    27. Perseus Project classical Greek and Latin resources; pioneer in computers recommended
    28. Greek History from Perseus
    29. Roman Empire
    30. Early Church encyclopedia from U. Evansville
    31. The Ancient World conflict, attitude and changing religions sophisticated textbook by Frank E. Smitha
    32. Chinese History Virtual Library by Robert Gray, U Michigan
    33. Cold War visuals, interviews, texts from 1998 CNN production
    34. Discoveries
    35. Discoverers Web recommended site by Andre Engels; global coverage of links & summaries
    36. Columbus and Age of Discoveries by Thomas Tirado, Millersville U.
    37. "Christopher Columbus and His Enterprise to the Indies: Scholarship of the Last Quarter Century," by Delno West in William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 2. (Apr., 1992), pp. 254-277. in JSTOR
    38. Medieval
    39. Labyrinth Medieval Studies, from Georgetown U.
    40. ORB Medieval Studies from Rhodes College
    41. Internet Medieval Sourcebook maps & original texts, by Paul Halsall
    42. Crusades
    43. Crusades major article from 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia with maps & links to many articles on leaders, religious themes, countries & locations recommended
    44. Kenneth M. Setton, ed. The History of the Crusades (1969-89), standard 6 vol scholarly full-scale history; recommended
    45. Europe
    46. Cambridge Modern History very detailed surveys by scholars, written 1900
    47. complete list at Google
    48. Renaissance
    49. Reformation
    50. 18th century
    51. Renaissance Annenberg project
    52. Eighteenth-Century Resources by Jack Lynch
    53. Early Modern from Paul Halsall
    54. Cartoon history of 19th century lots of fun
    55. Museum of Communism more links
    56. England
    57. Gardiner's Atlas of English History recommended; includes some world history; 1892 atlas
    58. Medieval England links to essays
    59. Adams, George Burton, History of England From the Norman Conquest to the Death of John, 1066-1216 (London, 1905) survey by scholar
    60. Tout, T.F., The History of England From the Accession of Henry III to the Death of Edward III (1216-1377) 1905 survey by scholar
    61. Medieval era online textbook
    62. Anglo- Saxon era
    63. Sources of English Constitutional History good set of documents from 601 AD to 1937
    64. Pollock & Maitland, History of English Law great classic; 1898 ed.
    65. Medieval era links
    66. Elizabethan England guide to ordinary life
    67. England under George III (1760-1830) good on politics, documents recommended
    68. English Romanticism
    69. Romantic Circles chapters from new books
    70. Victoria Research Web19c Britain. from Indiana U.
    71. Victorian Britain Handbook
    72. Victorian Web coordinated by George Landow. Brown U. recommended
    73. Irish Famine links
    74. Irish Famine
    75. Online sources for 19c Britain by Michael Nie
    76. Peel Web, 1830-1850 recommended
    77. James Bryce, William Ewart Gladstone old classic
    78. Victorian Britain Handbook
    79. John A. Hobson, Imperialism (1902)
    80. Lloyd-George
    81. Winston Churchill
    82. biography
    83. WW2 in Britain good BBC site
    84. 85,000 British cartoons don't miss David Low
    85. France
    86. Medieval period links
    87. French Revolution
    88. French Revolution from Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition (1910)
    89. Napoleonic Wars links
    90. Statistical abstract of Napoleonic era
    91. France GenWeb useful genealogical resources; includes historical maps, census data and many other resources for each province
    92. Germany
    93. German history by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Kaelble, Humboldt U., Berlin
    94. Early Medieval
    95. Medieval Cultural studies
    96. German History Sources texts of political documents, 19-20c by Richard Weikart
    97. Germany Gen Web useful genealogical resources; includes historical maps and census data on each province
    98. German colonial atlas
    99. H-German discussion threads & books reviews
    100. Holocaust from Paul Halsall recommended
    101. Holocaust teaching resources recommended
    102. Medieval Italy
    103. Norwegian Historical Association many European links
    104. Russia
    105. Russian history sites
    106. Beyond the Pale History of Jews in Russia
    107. Spain
    108. Medieval Spain
    109. The Muslims of Valencia in the Age of Fernando and Isabel by Mark D. Meyerson 1991 scholarly study
    110. Israel official site
    111. Mexico
    112. Mexico from Don Mabry's shop
    113. Border Studies US-Mexico
    114. Mexican Revolution documents, ed. Don Mabry
    115. Mexican Revolution photos from Runyon collection
    116. Digitising History textbook for quantitative history
    117. Science-Medicine-Technology-Environment
    118. History of Science & Technology documents, from ancient to present, ed. Paul Halsall
    119. History of Science/Technology/Medicine  from Johns Hopkins U.
    120. History of Science, Technology & Medicine by Tim Sherratt
    121. History of science comprehensive links
    122. A History of Science 1904 4 vol compendium by Henry Smith Williams
    123. history of astronomy links from U of Michigan-Detroit Observatory
    124. history of mathematics several full-length books
    125. Environment in American History
    126. Environmental history links from U California Berkeley
    127. Galileo's World and early modern science, from Rice U.
    128. Medical History
    129. Medical History on the WWW by A. J. Wright
    130. Leonardo's World from Corbis
    131. history of Western science annotated bibliography by A. Bowdoin Van Riper
    132. Steam engines: histories & documents
    133. Engines of Our Ingenuity transcripts of 1500+ short radio talks on history of technology, by John H. Lienhard
    134. Slavery studies bibliographies and autobiographies, by Steve Mintz and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    135. Historic Speeches in Real Audio, from History Channel Time Machine
    136. Roads from Seneca falls guide to women's history recommended
    137. Distinguished women short biographies
    138. Women's Emancipation in Britain Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia
    139. World War I
    140. World War I documents, from Brigham Young U.
    141. World War I links , from U. Kansas
    142. World War I links by Richard Jensen
    143. WWI-Britain from Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia
    144. The Economics of WW1: Overview scholarly article by Broadberry & Harrison (2004)
    145. World War II
    146. World War II links recommended by Richard Jensen
    147. WW2 encyclopedia from Spartacus
    148. World War II Resources
    149. lesson plans
    150. Multimedia good slide shows
    151. brief history of entire war from Canadian perspective

  7. History: USA
    1. Reader's Companion to American History (1991) excellent short scholarly articles recommended
    2. primary documents and useful essays; edited by Oscar Handlin (1963 recommended)
    3. History Matters online sources and syllabi, from George Mason U.
    4. links to US topics from McGraw Hill
    5. lesson plans good links
    6. Military and Diplomatic history textbooks
    7. Jensen's Guide to Military History recommended
    8. Matloff, 'American Military History (1989)
    9. Political History textbooks
    10. advertising slide collection by Roland Marchand recommended
    11. Political History
    12. "Historiography of American Political History" long scholarly article by Richard Jensen
    13. presidential history detailed guide to WWW, by Richard Jensen recommended
    14. American Presidency major exhibit from Smithsonian
    15. Political Graveyard remarkable biographical guide to 81,000 politicians, living and dead recommended
    16. Elections 1860-1912 as covered by Harper's Weekly; news, editorials, cartoons (many by Thomas Nast)
    17. Speeches
    18. Speeches full text, from Northwestern U. Douglass Project
    19. Inaugural speeches; annual messages by Rick Matlick
    20. Presidential speeches short audio excerpts, Harrison to Clinton
    21. American Religious Experience from West Virginia U.
    22. biographies good links
    23. African American
    24. Colonial, Early National
    25. Gilder-Lehrman guide to American History, to 1865. how to read and analyze primary documents recommended
    26. Colonization
    27. Ethnic & religious diversity
    28. Seven Years War
    29. Age of Revolutions
    30. Creating a New Nation
    31. Antebellum
    32. Civil War
    33. American Colonists' Library documents recommended
    34. colonial histories very good scholarly books, pre 1923 (now in public domain); recommended
    35. George Bancroft, History of the United States of America, from the discovery of the American continent. 10 vol 1837-60
    36. Provincial America, 1690-1740 very good 1905 overview by by scholar Evarts Boutell Greene
    37. The Reinterpretation of the American Revolution excellent 1968 collection of scholarly essays ed by Jack Greene recommended
    38. Stamp Act see the cartoons
    39. The Early America Review  full text of semi-popular articles
    40. History of New England classic 5 vol history by John Palfrey (1859-90)
    41. Benjamin Franklin links by R. Jensen and classic short scholarly biography by Carl Becker
    42. American Revolution: timeline, biographies from Claremont Institute
    43. Founder's Constitution links to sources of US Constitution recommended
    44. First Congress 1789-91
    45. Max Farrand, The Fathers of the Constitution (1920) full text of short book by leading scholar
    46. A Constitutional History of the United States (1935) Pulitzer-winning textbook by leading scholar Andrew McLaughlin
    47. New Nation teachers guides; stress on politics & religion
    48. Jefferson--Man of Millennium by Richard Jensen, with links
    49. New Nation original founding documents, 1770s-1790s, from from Library of Congress
    50. 1800-1850s
    51. Cartoon history of 19th century lots of fun
    52. Martha Ballard midwife in New England 1780s-1810s
    53. SHEAR bibliography US history 1800-1860
    54. Revolution to Reconstruction textbook plus documents;
    55. Growth & Expansion of Early Nation good graphics
    56. Tales of the Early Republic ambitious collect of texts and encyclopedia entries on Jacksonian Era, by Hal Morris
    57. Tocqueville's America texts from Virginia
    58. Uncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
    59. Brooklyn Eagle major newspaper, 1841-1902
    60. Civil War Era
    61. Jensen's Guide to Civil War online sources recommended links
    62. James Ford Rhodes, History of the Civil War, 1861–1865 (1918) best of older histories of the war years; strong on politics recommended
    63. scholarly essays 1966 collection ed. Charles Crowe
    64. Antislavery Literature Project recommended collection or primary documents
    65. Civil War Center at LSU
    66. causes of Civil War documents
    67. Civil War full text of political documents from Furman U.; focus is 1850-1861
    68. Ransom, Roger L.. "The Economics of the Civil War." EH.Net Encyclopedia, edited by Robert Whaples, August 25 2001 scholarly essay
    69. Words and Boundaries in a Secessionist Age Interactive course on 1850s by Lloyd Benson, Furman U.
    70. 1861 Crisis class exercises, from Richard Latner Tulane U.
    71. Lincoln's complete works searchable recommended
    72. New York Times 1860-66 complete text
    73. Brooklyn Eagle major newspaper, 1841-1902
    74. Lincoln bio, timeline, videos, texts to 1861
    75. Civil War images original prints from NY Historical Society
    76. Overview of Confederate homefront by leading historian J F Rhodes, pp 366-397 recommended
    77. Walter Lynwood Fleming, The Sequel of Appomattox, A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States short 1920 book by leading Southern white scholar
    78. D. S. Freeman "Lee" great 4 vol biography (1934)
    79. Harper's Weekly Recommended
      150 cartoons on elections 1860-1884
      plus Reconstruction topics, Chinese exclusion & American Political Prints from the Library of Congress, 1766-1876
    80. Gilded Age, Progressive Era
    81. American Social History Project US 1877-1946
    82. Brooklyn Eagle major newspaper, 1841-1902
    83. Elections 1860-1912 as covered by Harper's Weekly; news, editorials, cartoons (many by Thomas Nast)
    84. Nativism & anti-Catholicism bibliography
    85. anti-Catholic books online 19th century US
    86. Progressive Era annotated links by Amanda Howenstein
    87. Gilded Age & Progressive Era Cartoons, industry, labor, politics, prohibition from Ohio State
    88. Gilded Age documents and books
    89. photographs
    90. original images
    91. Immigration
    92. Higham, John Strangers in the land: patterns of American nativism, 1860-1925. [1957] outstanding history of nativism; online via ACLS History E-book
    93. Immigration History Research Center at U. Minnesota
    94. Images of immigrants
    95. Anti-Chinese San Francisco
    96. Anti-Chinese Movement from Harper's Weekly
    97. C Vann Woodward "The Populist Heritage and the Intellectual" pp 214+
    98. 1890s from Bowling Green State U.
    99. Historians discuss War of 1898 recommended
    100. TRoosevelt Timeline with links
    101. Temperance & Prohibition
    102. Woodrow Wilson from PBS with some documents recommended
    103. links recommended
    104. Robert H Wiebe, "The House of Morgan and the Executive, 1905-1913" pp 252+
    105. H102 Stanley Schultz's course on Civil War to Present at U. Wisconsin,
      with outlines, texts, biographies, photos, etc.
    106. 1920s
    107. links from Montgomery College
    108. links from Kingwood College Library
    109. more links from Kennesaw College
    110. links
    111. 1920s original documents from Library of Congress
    112. Scopes Trial, 1925
    113. Middletown (1929) book by Robert & Helen Lynd
    114. Harlem Renaissance lesson plans
    115. 1950s course, & excerpts examplar course, from U of Pennsylvania
    116. 1980s lots of popular culture & some politics
    117. New Deal, WW2
    118. New Deal Homepage One of best history resources; from Columbia U. and FDR Library; many photos and documents recommended
    119. New Deal links
    120. photos from Great Depression
    121. lesson plans
    122. New Deal Cartoons delightful research resource; original cartoons 1933-45, selected and edited by high school class recommended
    123. Farm Security Administration thousands of photographs from 1930s, some in color
    124. World War II Links by Richard Jensen
    125. WW2 photos
    126. WW2 posters n=337
    127. ads & posters
    128. American oral histories
    129. Ethnic
    130. Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-born Population of the US: 1850-1990
    131. Chinese American History Time Line
    132. German-American Ethnic Experience short overview by leading historians
    133. Hispanic
    134. Hispanic Heritage
    135. Latino Culture
    136. Hispanic Reading Room from Library of Congress
    137. Urban
    138. H-Urban web links
    139. Encyclopedia of Chicago (2005) Recommended
    140. Encyclopedia of Cleveland History best online source for any city recommended
    141. Cleveland Digital Library primary sources
    142. Digital Sanborn Maps, 1867-1970 digital access to more than 660,000 large-scale maps of more than 12,000 American towns and cities. online from ProQuest Information and Learning; check with Librarian;
    143. Pittsburgh texts and maps recommended
    144. NYC 1905 documents
    145. Seattle
    146. studying urban history [Guelph, Canada]
    147. Aerial views 19c US cities must see
    148. Chicago maps & buildings
    149. Urban planning, 1794-1918 by John Reps
    150. Chicago extensive collection of online materials; strongest for 1919 from Chicago Metro History Education Center
    151. Labor History syllabus, documents & links, by Gerald Zahavy; emphasis on radical left
    152. South
    153. Tennessee Encyclopedia Online recommended
    154. John Shelton Reed, My Tears Spoiled My Aim geography of South
    155. Encyclopedia of Georgia (2004) recommended
    156. Documenting the American South from U. North Carolina
    157. Library of Virginia 600,000 images in colonial history & WW2 photos
    158. Chesapeake region many full text historic books and documents re Virginia, Maryland area before 1870
    159. Valley of the Shadow social history of Pennsylvania and Virginia, 1850s-'60s, by Ed Ayers, U Virginia
    160. History of Appalachia lecture notes by Ron Eller
    161. WPA Tennessee Guide famous 1938 guide
    162. The Handbook of Texas best guide to any state; multivolume 1996 encyclopedia
    163. Hurricane Katrina 2005
    164. overview
    165. Vietnam War
    166. Annotated bibliography with links, by Richard Jensen
    167. The Wars for Vietnam, 1945-1975 with documents, by Robert Brigham, Vassar College
    168. Foreign Relations, 1969-1976 Foundations of Foreign Policy, 1969-1972 official documents; interpretive emphasis; recommended
    169. West & Frontier
    170. annotated links by Mike Madin
    171. Multicultural West from Washington State U.
    172. WestWeb scholars' guide to Western USA by Cathy Lavender
    173. documents
    174. American Indian Resources by Will Karkavelas
    175. biographies
    176. photographs
    177. Lesson Plans from PBS
    178. New Perspectives on the West from PBS; texts, biographies, timeline
    179. travel accounts full text, pre 1877
    180. H H Bancroft the great multivolume history of the West; v 17 (Arizona & New Mexico) recommended
    181. California
    182. online archive
    183. California 1849-1900 documents
    184. San Francisco history
    185. Shaping San Francisco
    186. Midwest
    187. Encyclopedia of Chicago wonderful guide to city's history (2004)
    188. midwestern frontier documents from Lincoln/Net
    189. Frederic Austin Ogg, The Old Northwest: A Chronicle of the Ohio Valley and Beyond (1919) short book by scholar
    190. Kansas history
    191. Cutler history of Kansas, 1883 excellent
    192. WPA Minnesota Guide famous 1938 guide
    193. Andreas history of Nebraska, 1882 excellent
    194. Wisconsin documents
    195. Dictionary of Wisconsin History 1000 short entries with bibliography
    196. H H Bancroft the great multivolume history of the West; v 29-30 (Oregon) recommended
    197. Pacific Northwest historical documents and old histories of Oregon & region recommended
    198. The Handbook of Texas best guide to any state; multivolume 1996 encyclopedia recommended
    199. Encyclopedia of Utah History excellent resource
    200. western photos 1860-1920 n=30,000 from Denver Public Library
    201. books & travel accounts of 19c California esp 1849
    202. Women
    203. American Women's History: A Research Guide
    204. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
    205. American women 1870-1930 massive collection of primary documents from Harvard U Library
    206. The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998
    207. Woman Suffrage documents and study guide, from National Archives
    208. Notable Women of History useful short bios, links & texts; recommended
    209. texts famous books and pamphlets by women
    210. Prominent women short biographies
    211. Women's Archives primary documents, from Duke U.
    212. Nurses

  8. History Journals/ Departments/ Research Institutes/ Associations/Textbooks/Historiography
    1. AHA Perspectives newsletter articles
    2. Canadian Historical Association
    3. Center for History & New Media George Mason U.
    4. Historical Research in Europe : A Guide to Archives and Libraries bibliography with many links
    5. global list of all history depts
    6. History On-Line recommended re UK teachers, research projects, books, articles, conferecnes
    7. recent theses in British universitites
    8. NCSS National Council for Social Studies; high school teachers
    9. State Historical Society Journals
    10. Kansas
    11. Ohio
    12. Southwestern Historical Quarterly major scholarly journal for Texas History
    13. West Virginia

      Online Textbook Supplements (graphics, maps, documents, questions)
    1. Garraty: US
    2. Nash: US
    3. Kishlansky: Western Civ; very good maps
    4. McKay: World History primary sources & web links
    5. WebCT links to publishers
    6. Historiography
    7. Historiography recent major articles; recommended
    8. Historiography annotated bibliography by T. V. Reed
    9. Famous historians brief critical essays on 20 major figures
    10. History Under Debate mostly in Spanish
    11. Historiography Major French and British books from ELIOHS project by Guido Abbattista & Rolando Minuti
    12. historiography syllabus & links by Dr Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University
    13. Foucalt
    14. Orientalism
    15. "Los Angeles and the Problem of Urban Historical Knowledge" By Philip J. Ethington recommended

  9. Humanities
    1. Humanities Organizations
    2. ACLS homepages and links to 75 affiliated learned societies in USA
    3. Scholarly Societies all fields, from U. of Waterloo
    4. National Endowment for Humanities; Humanities valuable magazine from NEH; not copyright
    5. Voice of the Shuttle Large guide to humanities resources, from Alan Liu, UC Santa Barbara
    6. Art History
    7. Art History links recommended
    8. UNESCO World Heritage List, pictures 720+ properties
    9. World Museums from International Council of Museums
    10. Literature Literature, best guide to literary WWW sites, by Jack Lynch recommended
    11. Modern Russian Writers
    12. Heath anthology of American Literature recommended
    13. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes scholarly compendium, published 1907-21; recommended for its 11,000 pages of factual detail
    14. PAL: Perspectives in American Literature 300 pages of scholarly bibliographies by Paul P. Reuben
    15. Southern Literature texts from U. of North Carolina
    16. Great Writers & Poets by Piet Wesselman
    17. Shakespeare
    18. T-AMLIT American Literature , from Georgetown U.
    19. A Multimedia Companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry, by Cary Nelson recommended
    20. The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States 1921 classic by H.L. Mencken Mencken links
    21. Romantic Circles English Romantic poetry
    22. Philosophy, Psychology & History of Ideas
    23. Philosophy Links good starting point
    24. Hippias search the web for philosophy
    25. Philosopher's Index recommended links to etexts
    26. Philosophy from U. of Bristol
    27. Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    28. Guide to philosophy departments
    29. Philosophical Gourmet Report Leiter's ranking
    30. it's naughty to rank
    31. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy original articles recommended
    32. Ethics Updates by Lawrence M. Hinman
    33. The Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas edited by Philip P. Wiener (MY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973-74) 5 vol. recommended
    34. Ralph Waldo Emerson
    35. John Stuart Mill original texts
    36. Mill's philosophy
    37. texts by and about JSM
    38. George Herbert Mead American 20c philosopher; texts; also W.I. Thomas and other social scientists of early 20c
    39. History of Psychology Archives recommended
    40. Classics in the History of Psychology original texts, by Christopher Green; includes James, Dewey, Freud, Jung, and more recommended
    41. Gender
    42. Women/gender studies
    43. Feminist theory
    44. Suffragists Oral History full-text of interviews
    45. Women's Studies valuable guide from U. Maryland

  10. Libraries and Bibliographies
    1. OPAC (On-Line Public Access Catalogs) Most major library OPACs are available. (Yahoo tracks them)
    2. MELVYL One of the best OPACs is the U of California system, with vast holdings and the ability to email searches back to you. recommended
    3. INGENTA searchable tables of contents to 11 million articles in 26,000 journals; (coverage from late 1980s to last month); formerly called CARL recommended
    4. Dissertation Abstracts abstracts of all PhD dissertations; searchable; guests have access to last 2 years; many colleges have full access on campus
    5. British academic libraries
    6. British Library
    7. US National Archives
    8. National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) in U.S.A.
    9. Archives USA Chadwyck-Healey's product
    10. IBSS International Bibliography of Social Sciences, restricted to UK universities

  11. Full Text On-Line Magazines, Books, Documents pre 1920s
    1. Digital Libraries
    2. Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography By Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
    3. Reference books
    4. Quotations
    5. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations 9th ed. 1901 -- with better citations than recent editions
    6. more recent quotations
    7. Roget's Thesaurus both 1995 and 1922 editions
    8. Mencken, The American Language (1921) classic
    9. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes scholarly compendium, published 1907-21recommended for its 11,000 pages of factual detail
    10. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
    11. OneLook Dictionaries 4 million words indexed in more than 700 online dictionaries
    12. Columbia Encyclopedia excellent brief, modern
    13. Wordsmyth Dictionary
    14. Century Dictionary full text of monumental English dictionary, cyclopedia & atlas of 1890s recommended
    15. Merriam Webster's Unabridged 1913 edition; the superb 1961 edition is available on cd-rom
    16. The Oxford English Dictionary is available online at many colleges
    17. Encarta useful encyclopedia
    18. French Reference [in pdf format]includes Dictionnaire historique et critique (1697) by Pierre Bayle
    19. Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers [1751-1765]- 16 vol
    20. Books
    21. Project Gutenberg over 10,000 books online--strongest in 19c literature recommended
    22. annotated guide from Georgetown U Library
    23. E-Texts 7500 full texts from Internet Public Library
    24. US History recommended
    25. State & Local US History recommended
    26. Cleveland Digital Library primary sources
    27. Kentucky Digital Library hundreds of titles on Kentucky
    28. Pittsburgh
    29. Public Domain HTI Modern English Collection recommended
    30. CARRIE
    31. Project Gutenberg Major collection of literary and historical texts
    32. African American
    33. African American Writers from ISLMC
    34. African American Perspectives 19c pamphlets from Library of Congress
    35. 19c American Lit 70 full texts books by major writers
    36. Documenting the American South many full-length Southern books, 19c; major resource
    37. Kentucky Digital Library books and pamphlets
    38. Archive of Economic Thought texts of major and minor economists; from McMaster U.
    39. "Graphic Witness" caricatures in history European and American political artists
    40. Library of Congress American Memory Project; many miscellaneous collections
    41. Classics in the History of Psychology original texts, by Christopher Green; includes Wundt, James, Dewey, Binet, Yerkes, Freud, Jung, Terman, Watson, Skinner and more
    42. NY Times authors & book reviews
    43. Time Magazine full text all issues, Jan 1994- present
    44. New York Review of Books full text many issues, 1963-2002
    45. 19c periodicals online recommended starting point
    46. New York Times complete text of every issue 1854-1924, searchable highly recommended
    47. OpinionArchives free search of abstracts of articles & editorials in major journals of opinion over last 100+ years
    48. Making of America Cornell MOA project is putting online the full text of these magazines.
      The texts are searchable. The project now includes 908,000 pages of text from 267 books and 955 volumes of magazines.
    49. another link
      1. American Missionary (1878 - 1901) strong on African-Americans in South
      2. The Atlantic Monthly (1857 - 1901) major intellectual magazine
      3. Century (1881 - 1899) major intellectual magazine
      4. Harpers New Monthly Magazine (1850-1899) major intellectual magazine
      5. Harper's Weekly online and indexed 1857-1877; superb illustrations; available at 500+ academic libraries recommended
      6. Literary Digest unfortunately not on-line
      7. Littell's Living Age (1844 - 1900) reprints European magazine articles; recommended
      8. The Nation on-line by subscription, 1865- present this was the leading intellectual periodical 1865-1910
      9. Niles Weekly Register best weekly news magazine, 1811-1849; available on cd-rom at some large academic libraries; unfortunately not on-line
      10. North American Review (1815 - 1900) major intellectual magazine
      11. Scientific American (1846 - 1869)
    50. 19c Books full text is searchable; each page in gif format recommended
    51. 19th century books, full text from MOA at U. Michigan; full text searching; images of pages recommended. Includes 634,000 pages from 4,100 books and magazine volumes.
    52. Making of America Full text (in bitmap) of thousands of 19c books and the following magazines, from U. of Michigan:
      1. Catholic World 1865-1901
      2. DeBow's 1846-1869 + 1952 index Major resource for South
      3. Princeton Review 1831-1882 major conservative religious journal
      4. Southern Literary Messenger 1835-1864 + 1936 Contributor index
      5. Southern Quarterly Review 1842-1857
    53. Internet Library of Early Journals English journals
    54. 18th Century
    55. Gentleman's Magazine
    56. The Annual Register 1758-1778
    57. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
    58. 19th Century
    59. Notes and Queries
    60. The Builder
    61. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
    62. British Library 19c British newspapers full txt, searchable

  12. On-Line Maps
    1. Odden's Maps links recommended
    2. Perry-Castañeda Map Collection recommended
    3. Century Dictionary full text of major Cyclopedia & Atlas of 1890s recommended
    4. Europe
    5. Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe every 100 years from 1100 to 2000
    6. Historical Atlas (1923) by William R. Shepherd excellent for Europe
    7. Gardiners Atlas of English History recommended; includes some world history; 1892 atlas
    8. British Historical GIS Programme
    9. Atlas of Europe 1882
    10. Historical Atlas of 20c clever thematic maps
    11. World History maps
    12. maps for German history
    13. good on ancient & Europe
    14. Russian Empire 1882 atlas
    15. History of Poland
    16. Balkans 1882 atlas
    17. USA
    18. Textbook maps US History (Garraty)
    19. Textbook Maps US History (Nash)
    20. Perry-Castañeda Map Collection recommended
    21. Statistical Atlas US, 1870-1880-1890, also 1970 recommended
    22. Animated time series of demographic and political data. mostly USA
    23. 20c maps thematic, recommended
    24. David Rumsey Collection 7000+ wonderful original maps; worth the trouble recommended
    25. Using Maps and Gazetteers In Your Research by Dave Obee
    26. Hyperhistory timeline and maps
    27. National Geographic Society Maps also available on cd-rom from Amazon.com
    28. Great set of links to many maps  from U Maryland-Baltimore
    29. Historical maps U Texas collection
    30. Historical and Cultural Atlases Uses Shockwave to create overlays; from U. of Oregon
    31. History of Cartography by Tony Campbell of British Library
    32. free classroom outline maps
    33. National Atlas of Canada
    34. maps from Canadian Encyclopedia
    35. Historical Geography from Association of American Geographers
    36. Cities
    37. city plans and maps
    38. Aerial views 19c US cities
    39. Chicago maps & buildings

  13. News, newspapers, magazines, radio
    1. OpinionArchives free search of abstracts of articles & editorials in major journals of opinion over last 100+ years
    2. AJR NewsLink links to several thousand newspapers, broadcasters, on-line news services, and other useful sites.
    3. AJR links to magazines
    4. Media & Communications Studies from U. of London
    5. US National Public Radio, with real audio
    6. US Network TV News archives detailed, searchable abstracts of major news shows, 1968 to 2008
    7. New York Times complete text of every issue 1854-1924, searchable recommended
    8. reporters, 1893
    9. country printers 1893 by W. D. Howells
    10. Voice of America from US Information Agency [daily news]
    11. Washington Post [daily news]

  14. Political Science, International Relations
    1. Guide to Political Research On-Line from Richard Jensen recommended :)
    2. Political Science Virtual Library resources and departments; from Cal Poly
    3. Political Science research from U. of Denver
    4. Political Theory Daily Review links to serious discussions; updated daily recommended
    5. Encyclopedias
    6. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics excellent scholarly essays
    7. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (CEE) libertarian
    8. Americana Encyclopedia articles on US politics
    9. Diplomacy, International Relations
    10. more links
    11. H-DIPLO links to Diplomatic History
    12. International Affairs Resources 1400+ links, by Wayne A. Selcher, Elizabethtown College
    13. Avalon Project large collection of primary documents on international affairs, 16c to 20c, from Yale.
    14. Foreign Policy Documents and commentary from Mt Holyoke recommended
    15. U.S. Diplomatic History Resources excellent links
    16. US State Department documents Foreign Relations of US series, 1960s
    17. Cold War International History Bulletin new documents from Communist archives; major resource
    18. scholarly essays on roots of 9-11 recommended
    19. Supreme Court
    20. Oyez: Supreme Court famous cases, by Jerry Goldman; listen to the lawyers
    21. Supreme Court all decisions since 1893; full text; free from FindLaw
    22. more links
    23. The Founders Constitution excellent collection of documents
    24. Politics, Polls
    25. Yahoo Guide to Politics
    26. Washington Post Guide to US Government
    27. Almanac of Policy Issues convenient guide to all policy areas recommended
    28. Election 2008
    29. Yahoo Guide to Politics
    30. Real Clear Politics current polls 2008 election
    31. Crystal Ball Predictions anlysis by Prof Larry Sabato, who usually is on target recommended
    32. web sites
    33. Green Papers good daily briefing
    34. ABC News coverage don't miss the daily "The Note"
    35. AllPolitics spot news from CNN
    36. Election 2008 from U Michigan recommended
    37. Election 2004 from U Michigan
    38. US Elections to 1880
    39. Annotated guide to ICPSR, from U California San Diego
    40. National Election Studies/ICPSR, 1948-2000
    41. Roper Center polls, worldwide, 1935- present
    42. Real Clear Politics current polls 2008 election
    43. Public Agenda Online nonpartisan evaluations of polls
    44. Thinkers and Theorists
    45. Political Theorists links from Yahoo!
    46. economics--schools of thought recommended
    47. Antonio Gramsci
    48. Karl Marx complete texts
    49. Sidney Hook, From Hegel to Marx: studies in the intellectual development of Karl Marx (1962) history of ideas
    50. Social, Economic and Political Change sophisticated review of sociological theories, with good links
    51. Herbert Spencer from Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    52. anthropologists
    53. George Herbert Mead American 20c philosopher; texts; also W.I. Thomas and other social scientists of early 20c
    54. John Stuart Mill original texts
    55. Thorstein Veblen books and essays
    56. Cases & Materials on American Federalism
    57. Philosophy Texts complete texts by Aristotle, Derrida, Hume, Kant, Mill, Plato, Popper, Rousseau, and others
    58. Conservative Political Thinkers Roger Scruton (1944-) Michael Oakeshott (1901-1990) Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
    59. Philosophy from U. of Bristol
    60. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy original scholarly articles

  15. Popular Culture, Cinema, Museums
    1. Art Museums
    2. art history by Chris Whitcombe
    3. World Museums from International Council of Museums
    4. artists thousands of excellent JPG images
    5. French Ministry of Culture
    6. Library of Congress "American Memory" photos, sound, film, not copyright
    7. Popular Culture, from Popular Culture Association
    8. Radio history & radio ads
    9. train travel & ads
    10. Visual Images
    11. finding images on WWW
    12. art history by Chris Whitcombe
    13. online visual images
    14. Images from the History of Medicine (IHM) 60,000 images
    15. Medicine and Madison Avenue ads, 1911-60
    16. Web Guide to Art biogs & commentary on famous paintings
    17. Local History, Preservation, Architecture
    18. Historic preservation
    19. Digital Archive of American Architecture recommended
    20. Great Buildings 3-D models & photos
    21. Living history; re-enactments
    22. Cinema
    23. Internet Movie Database
    24. Film Studies from U. of London
    25. Asian films
    26. The Silents Majority silent films
    27. Film History excellent course syllabus by Steven Schoenherr
    28. early films GIF format
    29. Early films Library of Congress
    30. 20c Europe in Film rentals from Penn State
    31. Culture Studies
    32. African American
    33. Multicultural West from Washington State U.
    34. The Raced Celt, 1840-1890 stereotypical images of the Irish
    35. Chicano/Latino West
    36. Comics
    37. Google's Links recommended
    38. Index of comic art from Michigan State

  16. Religion
  17. Rutgers links
  18. contemporary religious movements from U. Virginia
  19. James Hastings, ed. Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics classic scholarly reference book from 1914
  20. APS Guide to Resources in Theology
  21. annotated links by Mike Madin
  22. World Religions useful encyclopedia
  23. religion-online.org 4000+ texts by recognized religious scholars recommended
  24. Sacred Texts 400+ full texts from many religious traditions
  25. adherent statistics worldwide; history and current data
  26. East Asian Language and Thought strong on religion
  27. Judaica, omnibus guide
  28. Jewish Encyclopedia major 1906 reference with 15,000 articles; recommended
  29. Islamic religion
  30. Islam 101 basics
  31. Digital Buddhist Library and Museum
  32. religious movies Hollywood goes to Heaven
  33. Christianity
  34. Links
  35. Image and Text Database on the History of Christianity from Yale Divinity School
  36. The Unquenchable Light 1940 very general history by leading scholar Kenneth Scott Latourette
  37. Catholic Enclopedia, 1913 ed full text of all 11,000 articles; strong on history, Catholic and heretical doctrines, geography, rituals, theology recommended
  38. Schaff, Philip, History of the Christian Church complete text of 1910 edition of 8 volume history (to 1540s) by a leading American Protestant scholar in 1880s. recommended; a cd-rom edition also exists
  39. The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge classic 15v 1908 Protestant work; recommended
  40. Early Church encyclopedia from U. Evansville
  41. Renan, Ernest Renan, The history of the origins of Christianity (1890) 7 vol, includes his famous Life of Jesus
  42. Hall of Church History Protestant and Catholic texts
  43. Reformation/ Counter-Reformation
  44. Internet Modern History Sourcebook excellent collection of texts recommended
  45. historiography of Reformation scholarly essay
  46. Reformation comprehensive but old and sharply negative overview; elaborate detail; from 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia
  47. Martin Luther from ibid
  48. John Calvin from ibid
  49. Counter-Reformation from ibid
  50. Counter-Reformation new essays
  51. Project Wittenberg Luthern texts
  52. Puritan texts
  53. texts from Reformed tradition
  54. Max Weber, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905)
  55. Frey, Donald. "The Protestant Ethic Thesis." EH.Net Encyclopedia by economic historian Engerman, Stanley. "Capitalism, Protestantism, and Economic Development." EH.NET, 2000
  56. Christian Missions
  57. Wesley Center texts by Wesley, Arminius, Holiness theologians
  58. Quaker documents by Peter Sippel
  59. "Religion and Superstition in Nineteenth-Century France" by Eugen Weber, The Historical Journal, Vol. 31, No. 2. (Jun., 1988), pp. 399-423. JSTOR
  60. Victoria Research Web19c Britain; from Indiana U.
  61. American Religious History
  62. Divining America: Religion & the National Culture scholarly essays & links; recommended
  63. overview
  64. religion in early National period
  65. Religion in 18th century Library of Congress exhibit of books & prints
  66. historiography of early American religion Awash in a Sea of Faith: Christianizing the American People book by Jon Butler, reviewed by Patricia U. Bonomi in William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 48, No. 1. (Jan., 1991), pp. 118-124.
  67. Religion & States in Revolutionary Era, from Library of Congress
  68. Catholic Enclopedia, 1913 ed recommended excellent coverage of all states; major cities and ethnic groups; leading bishops
  69. Protestant Denominations
  70. African American by W.E. B. DuBois
  71. Baptists
  72. Congregationalists
  73. Lutherans
  74. Mennonites
  75. Methodists
  76. History of the Moravian Church by J.E. Hutton (1909)
  77. Mormons
  78. Mormons in Utah
  79. Mormon historiography scholarly essays
  80. Presbyterians
  81. Protestant Episcopal Church
  82. Quakers
  83. Dutch Reformed
  84. German Reformed
  85. Shakers
  86. Unitarians
  87. History of American socialisms classic 1871 book by John Humphrey Noyes, re: communal religions
  88. American Religious Data Archive recent surveys
  89. American Religious Experience from West Virginia U. recommended
  90. statistics membership totals, 1990s; links; citations; good source for basic numbers

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