Cartoons in American History

March 2005
Richard Jensen
Jensen is a scholar with many books and articles; he was professor of history for over 35 years at several schools, including the University of Illinois, Harvard, Michigan, West Point, and Moscow State University. Write him at

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  • recent editorial cartoons
  • Dan Becker, History of Cartoons
  • Pioneering Cartoonists of Color African American cartoonists recomended
  • Marchand collection cartoons & photos recommended
  • Images of American Political History 500 usable photos
  • Stamp Act 1765 with British & American cartoons
  • Cartoon history of 19th c lots of fun 1789 - 1999
  • Slavery
  • Lilly Library collection pre 1865
  • Harper's Weekly Recommended
    150 cartoons on elections 1860-1912; Reconstruction topics; Chinese exclusion; plus American Political Prints from the Library of Congress, 1766-1876
  • Elections 1860-1912 as covered by Harper's Weekly; news, editorials, cartoons (many by Thomas Nast)
  • Civil War cartoons
  • Thomas Nast cartoons strongly pro-GOP, pro-Reconstruction, anti-South, anti-Irish, & anti-Catholic
  • more Nast cartoons
  • still more Nast
  • "Graphic Witness" caricatures in history
  • anti-Catholic
  • Gilded Age & Progressive Era Cartoons, industry, labor, politics, prohibition from Ohio State
  • Puck cartoons
  • "Contemporary American Caricature," by J. A. Mitchell 1889
  • Hawaii cartoons
  • Keppler cartoons
  • 1892 cartoons 1896 Cartoons by Rebecca Edwards & Sarah DeFeo; lots of politics
  • Opper cartoons for 1900 election ridiculing TR and McKinley as pawns of Trusts and Sen. Hanna
  • WWI cartoons
  • editorial cartoons search on keywords "Clifford" and "Berryman"
  • Ding Darling cartoons 1910-1950 they also sell a cdrom with 6800 Darling cartoons
  • New Deal Cartoons delightful research resource; original cartoons 1933-45, selected and edited by high school class recommended
  • Lindbergh & America First with cartoons & graphics & audio speeches
  • Dr Seuss cartoons from WW2
  • Harry Truman caricatured
  • Oliphant's 1970s
  • Herblock -- he started in days of Coolidge & still goes strong!
  • Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index recommended
  • current editorial cartoons
  • editorial cartoons on Iraq War 2003 from US & world
  • Campaign literature pamphlets etc, most from California , 1908-2002
  • The Story of the Sun, New York: 1833-1928 by Frank M. O'Brien (1928)
  • The story of a page: thirty years of public service and public discussion in the editorial columns of the New York World by John L. Heaton (1913). Pulitzer made it the leading Democratic paper for many years