1. Jensen's Military History & Civil War Guides

online at http://tigger.uic.edu/~rjensen/civilwar.htm
revised September 2006

  1. Civil War and Reconstruction: Jensen's Guide to WWW Resources features links to hundreds of URLs with primary and secondary sources, documents, maps, and photographs. This is the best starting point.
  2. "Military History of the Civil War: 1861-62" part one of an original essay by Jensen, with hot links to URLs
  3. "Military History of the Civil War: 1863-65" part two of an original essay by Jensen, with hot links to URLs
  4. Ulysses Grant, Memoirs complete text
  5. Civil War prisons
  6. Lincoln Administration political links
  7. Reconstruction links
  8. Reconstruction PowerPoint lecture notes by Jensen

2. Other Jensen Guides to WWW

These Guides are updated every month or so
  • Web Sources for Military History covers world military history from the ancient world to 2003
  • Vietnam War Bibliography annotated guide to online and in-print resources on the Vietnam War
  • World War Two on the Web (2003) a new full-length book, coauthored with Doug Smith; includes CDROM with all the text and URLS; Scholarly Resources; ISBN: 0842050213; for sale also at Barnes & Noble
  • The Civil War on the Web: A Guide to the Very Best Sites revised 2nd edition coming late 2003; coauthored with Alice Carter
  • Scholar's Guide to WWW general overview of the humanities
  • Guide to Political Research On-Line covers political science
  • American Political History On-Line A comprehensive guide to American political history, from colonial times to 2002
  • "Historiography of American Political History" 1984 review of scholarship in history by Richard J. Jensen
  • "American Revolution" original essay by Jensen with hot links
  • Railroad History
  • World Population a guide to current and historical demography
  • "No Irish Need Apply: A Myth of Victimization" scholarly essay by Jensen, from Journal of Social History (2002)
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  • about the author Jensen is a retired history professor who has taught at many universities, including the University of Illinois at Chicago for 27 years , as well as Harvard, Moscow State, and West Point. revised September 2006