+ Politics Science; Politics; Political Research Guide by Richard Jensen March 2008

Guide to Political Research On-Line

by Richard Jensen March 2008

Latest version of this Guide
online at http://tigger.uic.edu/~rjensen/political.htm
  1. Search the WWW; Teaching resources
    1. Google recommended best search engine; keeps copies of many files that otherwise have vanished
    2. YAHOO: Yahoo is a good starting point for every governmental body worldwide
    3. Political Science
    4. Lalor ed, The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States (1899) recommended for late 19c
    5. "Doing Cold War History: A Practical Guide" by historian Marc Trachtenberg recommended
    6. PROceedings: Political Research Online papers from latest (2000) American Political Science Association convention
    7. JSTOR American Journal of International Law 1907-2001; American Journal of Political Science 1973-2000; Midwest Journal of Political Science 1957-1972; American Political Science Review 1906-1998; International Organization 1947-1996; Journal of Politics 1939-1998; Political Science Quarterly 1886-1997; Proceedings of the American Political Science Association 1904-1913; Public Opinion Quarterly 1937-1999 ; World Politics 1948-1995
      in JSTOR available through campus library; can search full text; recommended
    8. Links
    9. National Political Index links to 3500 sites
    10. Primary Source Research guide for graduate students, esp. IR and national security
    11. Syllabi
    12. American Political Development: A Bibliography for Teaching and Research by Dave Robertson
    13. syllabi of political science courses
    14. HORUS Guide guide to teaching resources from UC Riverside
    15. Humor
    16. Political Humor links
    17. historical cartoons
    18. Marchand collection cartoons & photos recommended
    19. Yahoo's excellent guide to popular & semipopular polsci resources:
    20. History Articles
    21. American Political History On-Line by by Richard Jensen recommended
    22. Historical Abstracts Abstracts of 400,000+ history and political science articles (non-US), from ABC-CLIO; campus subscription required (check with Librarian)
    23. America: History & Life Abstracts of 400,000+ history and political science articles (US & Canada), from ABC-CLIO; campus subscription required (check with Librarian)
    24. H-Net 100 scholarly discussion lists in humanities and social sciences;
      searchable logs;
    25. JSTOR complete text online of all articles before 1993 of major journals in history, political science, economics, demography; free access if your school subscribes. List of JSTOR schools
    26. Military history 500+ links, worldwide; ancient to Afghanistan

  2. Africa, Asia, Latin America

  3. Congress
    1. THOMAS excellent full-text, searchable, guide to official House and Senate records since 1995
    2. Lalo ed, The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States (1899) recommended
    3. Congressional Serial Set bibliographical guide
    4. Senate history
    5. Congress Link from Dirksen Center
    6. ratings by interest groups by subscription
    7. Congressional Black Caucus
    8. Biographical Directory of Congress major resource; covers them all, 1774-present
    9. Congressional Campaign Finance Profiles nonpartisan site
    10. Congressional Budget Office overview of budget
    11. How Congress Voted on the Environment in 1997-98
    12. First Congress 1789-91
    13. American State Papers massive collection of 6300 full text government documents 1789 to 1838
    14. War Powers Act role of Congress in declaring war, as of Sept 2002
    15. Watchdogs: Liberal-Left-Progressive
    16. Americans for Democratic Action
    17. Children's Defense Fund
    18. NAACP African-Americans
    19. NARAL reproductive rights
    20. Public Citizen's Congress Watch
    21. USPIRG
    22. Watchdogs: Conservative-Right
    23. American Conservative Union
    24. Christian Coalition
    25. Family Research Council
    26. National Right to Life
    27. National Rifle Association
    28. National Taxpayers Union

  4. Constitution, Courts, Rights
    1. national constitutions worldwide
    2. Constitutional classics worldwide scope recommended
    3. US State Constitutions
    4. FindLaw all Supreme Court cases
    5. Exploring Constitutional Conflicts case studies by law professor Douglas Linder
    6. legal dictionary
    7. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics complete text of scholarly encyclopedia; recommended
    8. A Constitutional History of the United States (1935) Pulitzer-winning textbook by leading scholar Andrew McLaughlin
    9. Great Britain
    10. Sources of English Constitutional History good set of documents from 601 AD to 1937
    11. Pollock & Maitland, History of English Law great classic; 1898 ed.
    12. Constitutional classics very strong collection recommended
    13. Advocacy sites
    14. feminist jurisprudence
    15. Center for Democracy & Technology privacy issues
    16. anti-statist tradition libertarian advocacy for right wing anarchism, secessionism, anti-military, isolationism etc.
    17. Teaching Human Rights Online
    18. Historical
    19. Oyez: Supreme Court famous cases, by Jerry Goldman recommended
    20. Famous Trials case studies by law professor Douglas Linder
    21. Founding Documents
    22. Founder's Constitution links to sources of US Constitution recommended
    23. John Marshall's Major Decisions
    24. Amistad Case 1841, re slave revolt
    25. Dred Scott 1857 slavery case newspaper comments on Dred Scot decision
    26. Packing the Court FDR's 1937 proposal
    27. Civil Rights
    28. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    29. documents

  5. Europe, Contemporary
    1. country surveys from Economist emphasis on economy & politics recommended
    2. EuroParl European Parliament
    3. Eurostat statistics
    4. European Union links (in German)
    5. European Party Systems
    6. Austria & Haider Factor from BBC
    7. Britain UK
    8. Links from U. Keele recommended
    9. British Government & Politics links from BBC
    10. Election 2005 from BBC
    11. British Government comprehensive links
    12. British statistics
    13. 85,000 British cartoons don't miss David Low
    14. Labour & Trade Union Review useful short essays
    15. Canada
    16. Canadian Encyclopedia excellent starting point
    17. Canadian links
    18. Constitutional documents
    19. Historical Statistics of Canada (1983) spreadsheet format recommended
    20. Key constitutional documents annotated
    21. constitutional debates of 1980s video
    22. constitutional debates 1944-64 audio
    23. national elections and provincial since WW2 radio, video and newsreels
    24. Prime Ministers recommended
    25. Medicare and Social Welfare: Tommy Douglas and the NDP ausio & video
    26. history of voting
    27. France
    28. French political studies
    29. French politics links from York U
    30. French Politics in French
    31. Germany
    32. German Studies from Karlsruhe U.
    33. German Statistical Office
    34. Green Politics Newsletter for Europe
    35. Ireland
    36. Italy history and geography
    37. Russia & East Europe from U. of Pittsburgh
    38. SSEES East Europe and Slavonic Studies
    39. Serbia
    40. East Europe reports from Radio Free Europe
    41. Swedish politics

  6. Data, Demography, Criminal Justice
    1. World Bank data
    2. Almanacs/Factbooks/Statistical Reports by Gary Price; worldwide
    3. Statistical Abstract of the US best starting place for current US demographic, economic & social data; also back volumes from 1878
    4. Historical Statistics of the U.S.: Colonial Times to 1970 best resource for historical data; in PDF format
    5. Census
    6. Statistical Abstract of the US best starting place for US demographic, economic & social data
    7. Current data
    8. CIESIN's Demography Home Page recent census data
    9. U.S. Census 2000 Special Report, "Demographic Trends in the 20th Century" recommended
    10. Census: using US Census (1950-1990) for class projects
    11. Statistics Canada
    12. US Census: includes ICPSR census data on all counties, 1790-1970
    13. American Census historical data from ICPSR
    14. Demography
    15. World Population Links by Richard Jensen
    16. Demographic resources an excellent guide from Coombs project in Australia
    17. Population Index abstracts of articles, 1986-1998, searchable and browsable
    18. International Bibliography of Historical Demography 13,000 entries; from Belgium
    19. Ethnicity, migration EDCOMER - the European Documentation Centre and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations
    20. Migration & voter power in US
    21. Data Archives
    22. Essex Social Science Data Archives Leading British data archive, with much historical data
    23. International Data Archives links
    24. comprehensive guide to social science data archives from UC San Diego
    25. General Social Survey Annual poll of USA; superb guide to social science citations & abstracts of all studies that used this major data base. The complete GSS can even be downloaded
    26. online crosstabs of survey data from GSS and other great databases, from UC-Berkeley
    27. Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
    28. American Religious Data Archive recent surveys
    29. Survey Research from Princeton
    30. Economic Data
    31. State of Economy current data & charts
    32. Statistical Abstract of US CD-ROM version also available; start with this basic resource
    33. Budget & Report of Council of Economic Advisors macroeconomic data for US
    34. Income inequality in US from Scientific American
    35. Criminal Justice
    36. US Dept of Justice reports
    37. FBI Uniform Crime Reports
    38. Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 600 tables; major reference source
    39. National Archive of Criminal Justice Data free statistical datasets, with basic stats program
    40. Sociology Links from McMaster U.
    41. Sociology Timeline from 1600 key dates & texts by Ed Stephan

  7. Education & Textbooks
    1. college & university web pages worldwide
    2. college classes on WWW from World Lecture Hall, U of Texas
    3. Graduate students Only
    4. NCSS National Council for Social Studies; high school teachers
    5. Houghton Mifflin's Politics Now resources for textbook users
    6. photographs
    7. Glossary of 200+ Political Economy Terms by Paul M. Johnson, political scientist at Auburn

  8. US Federal Government
    1. All Agencies
    2. All Agencies another list
    3. Washington Post Guide to US Government
    4. Almanac of Policy Issues convenient guide to all policy areas recommended
    5. documents complete text recent laws & reports
    6. Government Accounting Office investigative reports by arm of Congress
    7. Congressional Budget Office overview of budget
    8. Defense Dept Almanac 1999

  9. History: General
    1. The Encyclopedia of World History Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Sixth Edition (2001) recomended
    2. WWW Virtual Library Lynn Nelson's excellent guide to 2500 links.
    3. World History of Democracy
    4. Eighteenth-Century Resources by Jack Lynch
    5. African Diaspora from Schomburg Center at NY Public Library
    6. political cartoons esp British
    7. Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 ed  full text
    8. Cold War links
    9. Military History: Desert Storm to Present; Terrorism; Iraq
    10. Early Modern History from Paul Halsall
    11. German history by Prof. Dr. Hartmut Kaelble, Humboldt U., Berlin
    12. Historical texts and documents, a very ambitious approach at Hanover College [Indiana] to putting translated documents and secondary works on-line for undergraduate history classes
    13. Historical Text Archive equally ambitious; worldwide, esp Latin America, from Mississippi State U., By Donald Mabry
    14. Russian history sites
    15. Science & Technology
    16. History of Science & Technology documents, from ancient to present, ed. Paul Halsall
    17. History of Science, Technology & Medicine by Tim Sherratt
    18. World War I Documents
    19. World War I links
    20. Causes of WW1 by Professor Sidney Fay (1930)
    21. Treaty of Versailles: 1919 lesson plans to evaluate
    22. World War II links
    23. Victorian Web coordinated by George Landow. Brown U.
    24. Women's Emancipation in Britain Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia

  10. History: USA
    1. American Political History On-Line recvommendedlinks & on-line resources, ed by Richard Jensen
    2. links to US topics from McGraw Hill
    3. Reader's Companion to American History (1991) excellent short scholarly articles recommended
    4. Edward Norman Saveth, ed, Understanding the American past American history and its interpretation (1954) excellent older essays by scholars recommended
    5. "Historiography of American Political History" by Richard Jensen recommended
    6. Political Graveyard remarkable biographical guide to 80,000+ politicians, living and dead
    7. Lalo ed, The Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and the Political History of the United States (1899) recommended
    8. EH.net Encyclopedia of Business & Economic History new scholarly essays
    9. Heckelman, Jac C. "Historical Political Business Cycles in the United States" EH.Net Encyclopedia
    10. The Reinterpretation of the American Revolution excellent 1968 collection of scholarly essays ed by Jack Greene recommended
    11. George Bancroft, History of the United States of America, from the discovery of the American continent. 10 vol 1837-60
    12. Second Party System 1824-1860 short essays by leading scholar Michael Holt recommended
    13. Civil War & Reconstruction: scholarly essays very good 1966 collection ed. Charles Crowe
    14. H102 Stanley Schultz's course on Civil War to Present at U. Wisconsin,
      with outlines, texts, biographies, photos, etc.
    15. Bryce, The American Commonwealth (1888) recommended still the best guide to politics of the Gilded Age
    16. C Vann Woodward "The Populist Heritage and the Intellectual" pp 214+
    17. City & State Encyclopedias
    18. The Handbook of Texas best guide to any state
    19. Encyclopedia of Georgia
    20. Encyclopedia of Utah History
    21. Encyclopedia of Cleveland History best online source for any city
    22. political history of Washington State
    23. Benjamin Franklin links by R. Jensen and classic short scholarly biography by Carl Becker
    24. Conservation Movement 1850-1920, from Library of Congress
    25. SHEAR bibliography US history 1800-1860
    26. Revolution to Reconstruction textbook plus documents
    27. Documenting the American South from U. North Carolina
    28. Douglass Archives of American Public Address Recommended collection of speeches
    29. Presidential speeches
    30. Progressive Era recommended links to many topics

  11. International Relations, Comparative Politics & Diplomatic History
    1. International Affairs Resources 1400+ links, by Wayne A. Selcher, Elizabethtown College recommended
    2. Comparative
    3. World Factbook 2001 from CIA, recommended
    4. Comparative Government build your own textbook
    5. labor unions comparative data
    6. health care costs comparative data
    7. Elections & Electoral Systems comparative
    8. world opinion of US, 2001
    9. Human Rights
    10. Freedom House measures freedom and current politics in every country worldwide
    11. Amnesty International human rights worldwide
    12. corruption index rankings of 145 countries in 2004 by Transparency International
    13. Teaching Human Rights Online
    14. links from Notre Dame
    15. human rights map
    16. Crimes against humanity: an exploration of genocide and ethnic violence exhibit from Imperial War Museum, London
    17. world energy & oil resources US report
    18. International conflicts: Statistical Data
    19. Armed Conflict Events Data very good encyclopedic coverage 1800-2000
    20. Militarized Interstate Dispute (MID) data 1816-1992 compiled by the Correlates of War (COW) Project
    21. Death tolls, 20th century conflicts
    22. Statistics of US Wars
    23. links to data sources
    24. Hobson, Imperialism (1902) highly influential study
    25. Diplomatic History
    26. Military history 500+ links, worldwide; ancient to Kosovo; by Richard Jensen
    27. U.S. Diplomatic History Resources excellent links
    28. H-DIPLO links to Diplomatic History
    29. Documents
    30. Avalon Project large collection of primary documents on international affairs, 16c to 20c, from Yale recommended
    31. Documents on US Diplomatic History
    32. FRUS: Foreign Relations of the U.S. official documents
    33. Cabinet Reports 1861 complete reports from State, War, Navy, Interior and other departments checklist 1861-1921
    34. US State Department documents Foreign Relations of US series, 1958-68; complete text of 25 large volumes of the FRUS series of documents; recommended
    35. Cold War International History Bulletin new documents from Communist archives; recommended
    36. American Diplomacy online journal
    37. Foreign Policy & US Public Opinion, 1999 plus elite opinion
    38. Kaplan, "Kissinger, Metternich and Realism" 1999 article from Atlantic Monthly
    39. IR
    40. Contemporary Issues in IR annotated links
    41. UN materials Yale Guide
    42. UN publications
    43. Arms Control Association
    44. NATO
    45. US Military About.com guide
    46. US-Russia relations debate topics; strong on IR theory
    47. anti-war sites UK, US
    48. Intelligence
    49. Strategic Intelligence links and documents recommended
    50. CIA Annual Report 1999
    51. CIA agency website
    52. CIA exposed
    53. appraisal US Intelligence 1996 report
    54. CIA History from New York Times
    55. Intelligence bibliography by J. Ransom Clark recommended
    56. Return to Menu

  12. Libraries and Bibliographies
    1. OPAC (On-Line Public Access Catalogs) Most major library OPACs are available. (Yahoo tracks them)
    2. MELVYL One of the best OPACs is the U of California system, with vast holdings and the ability to email searches back to you. highly recommended
    3. CARL searchable tables of contents to 7 million articles in 17,000 journals most scholarly journals (coverage from late 1980s to last month) recommended
    4. Dissertation Abstracts abstracts of all PhD dissertations; searchable; guests have access to last 2 years; many colleges have full access on campus
    5. British Libraries
    6. US National Archives
    7. US Presidential libraries
    8. IBSS International Bibliography of Social Sciences, restricted to UK universities
    9. Intelligence
    10. documents complete text recent laws & reports

  13. Full Text On-Line Magazines, Books
    1. American Diplomacy online journal
    2. Political Science Quarterly
    3. Journal of Democracy
    4. E-Texts 7500 full texts from Internet Public Library
    5. Harper's Weekly Recommended
      150 cartoons on elections 1860-1912; plus Reconstruction topics; plus Chinese exclusion; plus American Political Prints from the Library of Congress, 1766-1876
    6. Elections 1860-1912 as covered by Harper's Weekly; news, editorials, cartoons (many by Thomas Nast)
    7. Project Gutenberg Major collection of literary and historical texts
    8. Archive of Economic Thought texts of major and minor economists; from McMaster U.
    9. Library of Congress American Memory Project; many miscellaneous collections
    10. Making of America Cornell MOA project is putting online the full text of many important magazines; 1840-1900
    11. Making of America Full text of thousands of 19c books and additional magazines, from U. of Michigan
    12. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1941-45

  14. On-Line Maps
    1. Statistical Atlas US, 1870-80-90
    2. CIA maps good quality, not copyrighted
    3. National Geographic Society Maps 600 current maps recommended [all of NGS fold-out maps are available inexpensively on cd-rom at NGS recommended]
    4. Middle East historical
    5. Middle East contemporary
    6. India
    7. West Point Atlas of Military History recommended
    8. US Election returns 1860-1996 with maps
    9. US election 2004 maps proportional to vote
    10. Great set of links to many maps  from U Maryland-Baltimore
    11. Animated time series of demographic and political data. mostly USA
    12. free classroom outline maps
    13. Textbook maps US History (Garraty)
    14. Textbook Maps US History (Nash)
    15. Textbook Maps Western Civ (Kishlansky)
    16. Geographical resources links

  15. Minorities
    1. Mosaic Web all minority groups in politics
    2. US Civil Rights Commission
    3. African-American Mosaic Library of Congress collections, texts & photos
    4. African American Perspectives 19c pamphlets from Library of Congress
    5. African American Journey from World Book Encyclopedia
    6. Slavery
    7. Slavery studies bibliographies and autobiographies, by Steve Mintz and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    8. Slave Narratives from U of North Carolina
    9. Amisted Case 1841, re slave revolt
    10. Dred Scott 1857 slavery case
    11. Freedom Project documents on Emancipation from 1860s
    12. Booker T Washington Papers
    13. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk complete text of 1903 edition
    14. Civil Rights Movement
    15. Civil Rights links
    16. Malcolm X
    17. Martin Luther King
    18. Martin Luther King project  at Stanford; online papers recommended
    19. scholarly articles
    20. MLK Web with links to audio
    21. "I Have A Dream" speech Martin Luther King, 1963 (one of several different versions)
    22. articles about MLK

    23. American Indian Resources by Will Karkavelas
    24. Arab Americans
    25. Islam 101 basics
    26. Hispanic Politics
    27. Toms Rivera Policy Institute focus on Latino communities
    28. Filipino Web
    29. Race & Ethnicity Statistics US social & economic data, 1950-1995

  16. News, newspapers, magazines, media; Terrorism
    1. News
    2. BBC News
    3. Goddard's Political Wire links to breaking stories
    4. Wall Street Journal subscribe to free emailed stories & editorials
    5. All Politics from CNN and TIME recommended
    6. Roll Call daily news of Congress
    7. AJR NewsLink links to several thousand newspapers, broadcasters, on-line news services, and other useful sites
    8. AJR links to magazines
    9. US National Public Radio, with real audio
    10. news from India
    11. US Network TV News archives detailed, searchable abstracts of major news shows, 1968 to 2001
    12. Washington Post archives search 1977 - present
    13. Voice of America from US Information Agency; daily news & with audio
    14. Washington Post [daily news]
    15. weekly reporting on US government & humanities & social sciences

  17. Terrorism, 9-11-2001
  18. news & government links
  19. Terrorism Research Center
  20. 9-11 news reports
  21. world press reponse
  22. Asian perspectives
  23. Middle East press
  24. State Dept. reports and profiles
  25. ERRI Counter-Terrorism Archives
  26. "The World According to Usama Bin Laden" scholarly essay by Professor Ahmed S. Hashim
  27. Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism Report of the National Commission on Terrorism (Jan 2001)
  28. Toward a National Strategy for Combating Terrorism (Dec 2000) from RAND
  29. world opinion of US, 2005
  30. scholarly essays on roots of 9-11 recommended
  31. Historical
  32. Greenberg: A short history of terrorism.
  33. history of domestic terrorism in US 1996 study
  34. Bombings in US History
  35. Presidential speeched re: terrorism.
  36. HISTORIANS' DEBATE: John Brown and Timothy McVeigh Kansas 1855
  37. Haymarket, 1886
  38. Weisberger: When terrorists struck the US 100 years ago. 1886
  39. contemporary account
  40. Shaffer: The failed campaign to get Pancho Villa 1916
  41. Gage: When Wall Street was bombed in 1920.
  42. Leon Trotsky frighteningly frank tract, "Terrorism and Communism" (1920)
  43. Chalmers Johnson: Blowback.
  44. Oklahoma City 1997
  45. Yahoo spot news updates & editorials
  46. Middle East from U Texas

  47. Polls, Elections & Current Politics: USA
    1. Election 2008
    2. Yahoo Guide to Politics
    3. CNN coverage election 2008
    4. MSNBC coverage election 2008 very detailed exit polls
    5. Real Clear Politics current news
    6. Real Clear Politics current polls 2008 election
    7. Crystal Ball Predictions anlysis by Prof Larry Sabato, who usually is on target recommended
    8. web sites
    9. Green Papers good daily briefing
    10. ABC News coverage don't miss the daily "The Note" summarizing and analyzing major newspaper coverage
    11. AllPolitics spot news from CNN
    12. Election 2008 from U Michigan recommended
    13. C-Span guide
    14. Project Vote Smart details on each candidate
    15. classroom exercises
    16. Open Secrets $$ in politics
    17. Wisconsin Advertising Project recommended
    18. Political advertising
    19. Elections 2000-2004
    20. CNN 2004 results
    21. Election 2004 from U Michigan
    22. US election 2004 maps proportional to vote
    23. Electoral college book review
    24. turnout textbook chapter
    25. Campaign Rhetoric by Prof Andrew Cline
    26. Election 2000 from Wikipedia
    27. CNN-TIME 2000 with exit poll data
    28. CNN-TIME 2004 with exit poll data
    29. 2000 Election report by British newspaper
    30. Election 2004 from Wikipedia
    31. slides on election results 1996-2000
    32. graphics
    33. Election commercials
    34. Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index recommended
    35. current editorial cartoons
    36. Vanishing Voter turnout
    37. Polls
    38. links
    39. Polling Report current public opinion
    40. Latest Polls, ABC
    41. Polls 2000 by state
    42. Mason-Dixon state polls
    43. Zogby good on voting, ethnicity
    44. poll archives from CNN
    45. Los Angeles Times polls state and national
    46. Public Agenda Online nonpartisan evaluations of polls
    47. Chicago Council on Foreign Relations’ public opinion study 6 nationwide polls of American public and elite opinions on international issues; first was 1974; latest = Sept 2004
    48. Roper Center magazine
    49. Gallup poll reports
    50. Directory of US Political Parties
    51. Historic Poll & Election Data
    52. Election maps, 1789-2000
    53. US Elections to 1880
    54. New York returns by region since 1900
    55. National Election Survey statistical results 1948-2000
    56. National Election Studies/ICPSR, 1948-1998
    57. The Record of American Democracy, 1984-1990 election returns by precincts & other small areas
    Return to Menu

  48. Presidents & Politics
  49. Roosevelt-Taft
  50. Public Administration
    1. Centre for Research in Public Sector Management Australian
    2. National Academy of Public Administration American
    3. Institute on Governance Canadian
    4. Environmental Policy links
    5. Institute of Public Administration Irish
    6. National School of Public Administration Polish
    7. School of Public Administration Slovenian

  51. Publishers
    1. Links to hundreds of publishers worldwide
    2. Amazon largest e-bookstore with TOC, reviews, and some first-chapters
    3. ABE search hundreds of used book stores; standing searches allowed
    4. Government Printing Office US government publications
    5. all university press books new releases featured
    6. scholarly book reviews from H-Net
    7. Academy of Political Science
    8. Copyright and fair use information from Stanford
    9. Guide to Copyright  from IUPUI [Indianapolis]

  52. State and Local Politics
    1. State & Local Government hundreds of links
    2. State and Local Politics
    3. State News
    4. US Territories
    5. Welfare Reform viewed by state government
    6. Gaming and casinos
    7. 2000 elections in major states
    8. state news
    9. California politics
    10. California Political Daily
    11. Recall-historical & legal aspects
    12. California Recall 2003
    13. California Recall news
    14. California polls
    15. South
    16. Documenting the American South many full-length Southern books, 19c; major resource
    17. Texas
    18. The Handbook of Texas comprehensive multi-volume guide to Texas culture & politics
    19. Texas politics
    20. Utah political history from excellent Utah History Encyclopedia
    21. Cities
    22. Encyclopedia of Chicago (2005) Recommended
    23. The State of the Cities 1999 from HUD
    24. New York State & NYC links

  53. Think Tanks, Blogs, Unions
  54. Blogs
  55. Liberal, Left
  56. Daily Kos
  57. Emerging Democratic Majority
  58. Social Security Reform
  59. Political State Report
  60. Center for American Progress
  61. Conservative, right
  62. Conservativenet
  63. Cliopatria by a team of academic historians
  64. Front page
  65. Students for Saving Social Security
  66. American Progress liberal site that deconstructs conservative ideas
    1. Think Tanks worldwide from NIRA
    2. Policy Library reports, esp from Europe
    3. Political Theory sites
    4. Conservative
    5. Right Web a liberal/left effort to track careers and positions of prominent conservatives
    6. NGO watch conservative oversight of Non-Governmental-Organazations, especially looking for leftist tendencies
    7. Heritage Foundation policy oriented
    8. Issues 2005 briefings on major issues
    9. Hoover Institution economics, political theory
    10. Christian Coalition Religious Right
    11. American Enterprise Institure pro-business
    12. Council for Excellence in Government nonpartisan; stress on efficiency
    13. Federalist Society lawyers
    14. Ashbrook Center full text (& audio) by prominent speakers
    15. Students for Saving Social Security
    16. Liberal-Left
    17. Electronic Policy Network many liberal groups
    18. Jimmy Carter Center International affairs; Third World
    19. Tomas Rivera Policy Institute focus on Latino communities
    20. Center for Responsive Politics nonpartisan; stress on campaign $$
    21. Political Research Associates monitors US Political Right
    22. People for the American Way Hollywood left
    23. Institute for Policy Studies
    24. Center for Democracy & Technology privacy issues
    25. Electoral reform
    26. Academic
    27. Kennedy Center Harvard U.
    28. RAND technical
    29. Brookings Institute economics, military
    30. American Political Science Association papers
    31. National Endowment for Humanities
    32. Scholarly Societies all fields, from U. of Waterloo
    33. SIEPR California state issues
    34. International
    35. European Think Tanks
    36. GRIP from Belgium
    37. Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies from India
    38. IIPS from Japan
    39. German Think Tanks
    40. SIPRI from Sweden
    41. RIIA from UK
    42. Labor Unions
    43. Labor Links
    44. Labor Unions worldwide
    45. labor union data comparative
    46. Labor Studies/History bibliographies & links

  67. Thinkers & Theories
    1. The Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studies of Selected Pivotal Ideas edited by Philip P. Wiener (MY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1973-74) 5 vol. recommended
    2. Political Theory Daily Review links to serious discussions; updated daily recommended
    3. Political Theorists links from Yahoo!
    4. Political Theory sites
    5. Philosopher's Index recommended links to etexts
    6. economics--schools of thought recommended
    7. Nationalism from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    8. Social, Economic and Political Change sophisticated review of sociological theories, with good links
    9. Liberalism from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    10. Philosophy Texts complete texts by Aristotle, Derrida, Hume, Kant, Mill, Plato, Popper, Rousseau, and others
    11. Conservative Political Thinkers Roger Scruton (1944-) Michael Oakeshott (1901-1990) Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
    12. Constitutionalism from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    13. Aristotle's political theory from
    14. writings of conservative William F. Buckley
    15. John Calhoun major texts Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    16. William Leggett, Democratic Editorials: Essays In Jacksonian Political Economy (1834)
    17. John Locke from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    18. Federalist Papers 1788
    19. Hegel from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    20. John Stuart Mill from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    21. original texts
    22. Karl Marx complete texts
    23. Michels, Robert, 1876-1936. Political Parties; a Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy (1912)
    24. Montesquieu, Baron de. The Spirit of the Laws
    25. Plato, The Republic
    26. Rousseau, Social Contract
    27. Herbert Spencer from Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    28. Man versus State and First Principles
    29. essay on Evolution that inspired "Social Darwinism," 1857
    30. Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862. Civil Disobedience.
    31. Thorstein Veblen books and essays
    32. George Herbert Mead American 20c philosopher; texts; also W.I. Thomas and other social scientists of early 20c
    33. Antonio Gramsci
    34. Philosophy from U. of Bristol

  68. Women
    1. Women/gender studies
    2. Center for American Women in Politics current data, from Rutgers U.
    3. Emily's List fundraising for pro-choice Democratic women candidates
    4. Women's Studies guide from U. Maryland
    5. feminist jurisprudence
    6. Prominent women short biographies
    7. Activism politics & labor recommended
    8. women & military
    9. Suffrage
    10. Timeline
    11. The History of the Suffrage Movement by Marjorie Spruill Wheeler; short essay by scholar
    12. The Women's Rights Movement 1848 - 1998
    13. Woman Suffrage documents and study guide, from National Archives
    14. Suffragists Oral History full-text of interviews
    15. Women in Politics current & historical
    16. Woman Suffrage writings
    17. South Australia suffrage in 1894
    18. Suffrage in New Zealand (1893) with good biographies
    19. 75 leaders brief biographies
    20. "Girls Fight for a Living" original texts, early 20c; Kentucky emphasis
    21. Resolved: The Pursuit of Feminist Ideals is Detrimental to the Achievement of Gender Equality 2001 debate materials from feminist group, National Organization of Women

    Copyright (c) 2008 Richard Jensen. This Guide was prepared with support from the National Endowment for Humanities, the Center for Global Partnership of the Japan Foundation, the University of Illinois, RPI, the Gilder-Lehrman Foundation, the Luce Foundation, and the Robert H. Michel Civic Education Grants sponsored by The Dirksen Congressional Center. Scholars are invited to post the complete Guide to campus WWW sites and distribute it to students.

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