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vita for Richard Jensen


born 1941, South Bend, Indiana

home address: 26 Morningside Dr Denver CO 80215 Dr Bow, NH
email: phone:(303) 228-4794

web page:


B.A. (Mathematics and Philosophy) U. of Notre Dame 1962; Ph.D. (American Studies) 1966, Yale U.; dissertation directed by C. Vann Woodward


Professor of History, U. of Illinois, Chicago (1973-97); Professor Emeritus (1997-); research associate, National Center for Supercomputer Applications (1996- ).

Past: Director, Office of Social and Demographic History (UIC, 1977-90); Director, Family and Community History Center, Newberry Library, (1971-82); Associate Professor of History, U. of Illinois (1970-73); Assistant Professor of History, Washington University (1966-70)

Visiting/adjunct professor: U New Hampshire-Manchester (2002); White Pines College (2002); Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1998-2001); Syracuse U. (1999); Skidmore College (1997-99); Pepperdine U (1994);

Administrative Experience

Executive Director, H-Net (1992-97). In charge of creating and monitoring new lists; selection of editors and editorial boards; daily operations; fundraising and grant writing; relations with outside organizations; and training workshops. Working with four other officers and a seven-member elected Executive Committee, set H-Net policy. Created 65 new lists in 4 years; selected 250 editors; lists reached 58,000 scholars in 73 countries in spring 1997.

Director, Family and Community History Center, Newberry Library (1971-82). Department head in major research library; in charge of all operations and fundraising; hiring and directing staff (12 professionals during the summer, 6 during the year); summer institutes; directed several research grants and 12 national conferences.

President, Chicago Metro History Fair (1977-82); acted as chairman of the board; hired professional staff; dealt with outside funders. This was (and is) one of the largest social studies projects in the country for inner-city students.

Professional Leadership

Founder and co-editor, daily internet discussion lists: H-Ethnic (1993- ); NEWDEAL (1997- ); E-DOCS (1998- ); CONSERVATIVEnet (2000-);

American Journal of Sociology, Editorial Board, 1977-79
America History and Life, Editorial Board, 1996-present
Continuity, Editorial Board, 1979-present
H-HOLOCAUST, cofounder & coeditor, 1993

H-SHGAPE, editorial board 1995-2001

H-WOMEN, founder & coeditor, 1993

Historical Methods, Editorial Board, 1967-91; acting editor 1985
Journal of American History, Editorial Board, 1976-79
The Public Historian, Editorial Board, 1980-86

American Association of Colleges & Universities, Diversity project, 1993-95

American Historical Association, Committee on Quantitative Research, 1975-77; US-USSR Quantitative Exchange, 1976-78.

Chicago Metro History Fair, founder and Board President 1977-82

The Historical Society, Executive Committee, 1998-99

Illinois State Archives, Advisory Board, 1975-86

LaGuardia Archives, Advisory Board, 1980-present

National Council on Public History, Board of Directors, 1979-82

National History Day, Board of Directors, 1978-80

Organization of American Historians, Committee on the Employment of Historians, 1978-80, chair; membership committee, 1971-73

Social Science History Association, nominating committee, 1985; program committee, chair, 1988; program committee, 2001

Major Grants

Principal Investigator or Co-Director

Robert H. Michel Civic Education Grant from Dirksen Congressional Center (2001-02)

History On-Line Gilder-Lehrman Foundation (2000-2001)

Politics On-Line Luce Foundation/Center for Study of Presidency (1998-99)

Japan On-Line Japan Foundation (1996-98)

Text96, U of Illinois (1995-99)

H-NET: Humanities On-Line (NEH Education Division, 1994-97, four grants)

Kentucky Modernizes, 1800-1980 (NEH Research Division, 1982-85)

Strategies for Inheritance, 1870-1920 National Institutes of Health (NICHD 1981-84)

Demographic History of Mental Retardation (NIH-NICHD, 1979-81)

Demographic History of Old Age, 1880-1900 (NIH-NIA, 1976-1980)

Social Predictors of Mobility, 1875-1915 (NIH-NIMH, 1974-77)

Family and Community History Center, Newberry Library (multiple grants from NEH, 1973-81)

Education and Social Structure: Iowa, 1885-1925 (National Inst. Education, 1973-76)

Chicago Metro History Fair (multiple grants from NEH, Illinois Humanities Council, McCormack Foundation, Chicago Community Trust, 1977-82)

American Historical Association, James Harvey Robinson Prize for Teaching (1997) (this is the major national teaching award in the history profession); ACLS Senior Fellowship (1987-88); Fulbright Fellow (to USSR, 1986); University of Illinois, Senior Scholar (1985-88--this is the top academic award in the U of Illinois system)

Training Programs Director

ICPSR, U of Michigan, 1968, this was the first summer institute for training historians in the new social history and computers

Newberry Summer Institutes, 1971-82, month-long intensive courses on computers and new social history methods; average 60 participants per year for 11 years.

Harvard U. Graduate School summer institute in computer methods for historians, 1973

Newberry Mini Institutes, 1979-81, week-long intense programs in computers and new social history methods for 12-20 postdocs at the Newberry Library, Five Colleges (Hampshire), U. Rochester, Yale U., New York U., George Washington U., U of South Carolina, U. of Mississippi, Southern Methodist U., U of Arizona, and Stanford U.

Chicago Metro History Fair Summer Teacher Institute (1985, 1986)

H- Net Mini Institutes 1994-96: one/two day training programs in Internet for Humanists: SUNY-Binghamton, Florida State U., Lake Forest College, East-West Center (Hawaii), Pennsylvania State U., U. of Virginia, Austin Peay State U., U of Wisconsin-Madison, Davidson College, William Paterson College; U. of Tulsa, Northeastern U., U. of Saskatchewan, U of Western Australia, Waseda U. (Tokyo), Osaka Gaidai U., Kansai America Center (Osaka), Aichi U. (Japan), Sophia U. (Tokyo).

Teaching American History codirected workshops, 2004-2007 in South Carolina, California, Alaska, New York, and Oklahoma

Historians Guide to Statistics with Charles Dollar (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971; reprinted by Krieger, 1974)

The Winning of the Midwest: Social and Political Conflict, 1888-1896 (U of Chicago, 1971), partly reprinted 1996.

Illinois: A History (U of Illinois Press 2001; Norton, 1978). For chapter 6 see

The Evolution of American Electoral Systems (coauthor, Greenwood, 1981)

Grass Roots Politics: Parties, Issues, and Voters, 1854-1983 (Greenwood, 1983).

World Population (Excelsior College Press, 1999)

World War Two on the Web (2002, Scholarly Resources Books; coauthor)

Trans-Pacific Relations: America, Europe and Asia in the Twentieth Century (Praeger, Jan. 2003) co-edited with Yone Sugita and Jon Davidann.

Civil War on the Web (2nd ed. 2003; Scholarly Resources Books; coauthor)

Military History on the Web (2003; Scholarly Resources Books)

America at War (coeditor, 4 vol encyclopedia; Macmillan Reference; 2005)

"American Election Analysis: A Case History of Methodological Innovation and Diffusion," in S. M. Lipset, ed, Politics and the Social Sciences (Oxford University Press, 1969), 226-43.

"History and the Political Scientist," in Lipset, ed, Politics and the Social Sciences, 1-28.

"Armies, Admen and Crusaders" History Teacher 5(1971), 212-25, reprinted twice

"Religious and Occupational Roots of Party Identification: Illinois and Indiana in the 1870s," Civil War History 16 (1970), 325-43.

"Family, Career and Reform: Woman Leaders of the Progressive Era," in Michael Gordon, ed., The American Family in Social-Historical Perspective (St. Martins, 1973), 267-80.

"Quantitative American Studies: The State of the Art," American Quarterly 26 (1974), 225-40.

"The Lynds Revisited," Indiana Magazine of History 75 (1979), 303-19. Online at

"The Modernization of Frederick Jackson Turner," Western Historical Quarterly 11 (1980), 307-20; won O. O. Winther Prize for best article.

"How Democracy Works: The Linkage Between Micro and Macro Political History," Journal of Social History 16 (1983), 27-34.

"The Microcomputer Revolution for Historians," Journal of Interdisciplinary History 14 (1983), 91-111; revised edition published by JIH 1984.

"Six Sciences of American Politics," Historical Methods 17 (1984) 108-17.

"Historiography of Political History," in Jack Greene ed., Encyclopedia of American Political History (Scribners, 1984), 1:1-25. Online at

"The Changing Shape of Burnham`s Political Universe," Social Science History 10 (1986) 209-19

"The Hand Writing on the Screen," Historical Methods 20 (1987) 35-45.

"Modernization," "Social Statistics," "Election of 1896," and "Turnout" in John Buenker, ed., Historical Dictionary of the Progressive Era (Greenwood, 1988)

"The Causes and Cures of Unemployment in the Great Depression," Journal of Interdisciplinary History 19 (1989) 553-83.

"Party Systems and Democracy: The American Experience," in Raymond Gastil, ed, Freedom in the World: 1989 (1989), 152-87.

"Local and State Political Participation" and "Military Participation" in Charles Bahmueller, ed. CIVITAS: Foundations for Civic Education (Social Studies Council, 1991), 121-45.

"Gendering Two Wars." in Gabor Boritt, ed. War Comes Again (Oxford UP., 1995), 101-24, with D`Ann Campbell.

"United States: Domestic Life" and "Civilian Defense" (coauthor) in M.R.D. Foot, ed, Oxford Companion to the Second World War (Oxford UP, 1995), 1179-85, 1189-90. with D`Ann Campbell.

"The Culture Wars, 1965-1995: A Historian`s Map." Journal of Social History (Oct 1995), 17-36. Online at

"Internet 2001 and the Future," Ray Browne, ed. Preview 2001+ (Popular Press, 1996), 209-216.

"Federalist Party," "Theodore Roosevelt," in Encyclopedia of Third Parties (M E Sharpe, 2000)

"Abraham Lincoln," "Antitrust," "Tariff," "Republican Party," "Richard Nixon" in Encyclopedia of American Political History (CQ Press, 2000)

"Democracy, Republicanism and Efficiency: The Values of American Politics, 1885-1930," in Shafer and Badger, eds, Contesting Democracy: Substance and Structure in American Political History, 1775-2000 (U of Kansas Press, 2001) 149-180; online version at

"Second Party System," in Encyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century (Scribner's, 2001)

"No Irish Need Apply: A Myth of Victimization," Journal of Social History (Dec 2002); online version at

"Victory and Defeat in the Vietnam War" in Jensen, Sugita and Davidann, eds, Trans-Pacific: East-West Relations in the 20th Century (Praeger, 2003), 171-216.

"Yankees" in Encyclopedia of Chicago History (2005)

"Political Thought" in Encyclopedia of the Midwest (2006)

Book Reviews:

Lex Renda. Running on the Record: Civil War-Era Politics in New Hampshire (1999) online at

Editor/Author of On-Line Resources

"Scholars Guide to WWW," (1995- updated monthly) published on numerous History Department WWW pages. For latest version, goto

"Web Sources for Military History" (1999-, updated monthly) latest version,

"World Population: A Guide to WWW" (1998-, updated bimonthly) latest version,

"Guide to Political Research On-Line" (1999-, updated bimonthly) latest version,

"Online Guide to American Political History" (2001-, updated monthly)

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2006: Social Science History Assn; K12 teachers in Sumter South Carolina; Borrego Springs, California; Keshequa, New York; and Haines, Alaska

2005: American Historical Association; Canadian National History Conf (Edmonton); TAH workshops for K12 teachers in Sumter South Carolina; Del Norte, California; Borrego Springs, California; Keshequa, New York; and Haines, Alaska

2004: Organization of American Historians; Social Science History Association; workshops for teachers in Sumter South Carolina; Association for Canadian Studies (NY); Association for Canadian Studies (Montreal); Lithuanian University of Law; Military Academy of Lithuania; Kaunas University; American Chamber of Commerce (Vilnius); US Embassy Latvia; US Embassy Estonia; Foreign Ministry of Estonia

2003: Social Science History Assn

2002: New England Historical Association

2001: Society for the History of Gilded Age & Progressive Era; Organization of American Historians; Social Science History Association (three panels); New England Historical Association

2000: American Historical Association/H-Net; Trans-Pacific (Hawaii Pacific U.); Ohio State Law School; New England Historical Association; World History Association; Organization of American Historians (Ames regional conference); Center for the American Idea; Social Science History Association (two panels)

1999: American Historical Association/SHGAPE; Oxford U.; Cambridge U.; Society for Military History; Computers in the History: Classroom '99 (Skidmore College)

1998: Theodore Roosevelt Conference (Siena College); Center for Study of Presidency; New England Historical Association; Social Science History Association

1997: American Historical Association/ HNET97; Computers and History (Cincinnati); SUNY-Albany; Japanese American Studies Assoc.; Kansai America Center; Tokyo America Center; Nagoya America Center/Nagoya U.; Keio U. (Tokyo); Sophia U. (Tokyo); Waseda U. (Tokyo); Aichi U. (Japan); Japanese Society for Business Communications

1996: H-NET96 (Atlanta); SHGAPE/American Historical Association; Copyright and Internet Conf. (Chicago); Politics and Culture Conf. (Washington); Odense U. (Denmark); Copenhagen U.; Osaka U. of Foreign Studies; Waseda U. (Tokyo)

1995: H-NET95; Social Science History Association (three panels); Tennessee Association of Historians; Tennessee Board of Regents Conference on Multimedia; Politics and Culture Conference (Chicago); Copyright and Internet Conference (Chicago)

1994: American Historical Association; Australian National U.; Gettysburg College; Computers and; Social Sciences; Australian Historical Association; James Cook U; Popular Culture Association; NEH Institute Directors; Social Science History Assoc. (twice); Humanities and Arts National Initiative

1967-1993: average of 8 presentations per year


Courses taught: U.S. Survey (both semesters); War Since Napoleon; Business History; U.S. Economic History; Illinois History; U.S. Political History; New Deal Era; Computers and Statistics for Historians (graduate and post-graduate); Historiography (graduate); Seminar in Social History (graduate); Seminar in Political History (graduate); freshman writing seminar; senior writing seminar

American Historical Association, James Harvey Robinson Prize for Teaching (1997)

Special Interest: teaching with computers and multimedia; distance education; training faculty in computers. Have trained over 1,000 humanities professors in use of computers. On-line texts from American history: scanning, editing, HTML coding.